White Nights Season in St. Petersburg, Russia. Time Period, Drawbridges

White nights season time period in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The St. Petersburg White Nights are considered to be from June 11th to July 2nd, and in Arkhangelsk – from May 13th to July 30th. The polar night is a period when the sun doesn’t appear from behind the horizon over the Arctic Circle.

The period of very light nights lasts from late May to the middle of July. Since the sky is bright even at midnight, the street lighting doesn’t need to be switched on, as a rule, later in the afternoon in St. Petersburg in the first half of the summer.

white nights st petersburg russia

The street lighting didn’t function at all during the white nights in the city a few years ago. Natural lighting remained until July 16th in St. Petersburg. The midnight sun is a period when the night and the morning run into twilight as the specialists from the Pulkovo Observatory explain. During the period when Vladimir Yakovlev was a governor of St. Petersburg, the street lighting remained throughout the summer.

St. Petersburg drawbridges. Palace Bridge photo during White nights Season

white nights bridges St. Petersburg

Palace Bridge (Dvortsoviy Bridge) rising during White nights / Image source: 1.

white nights st petersburg
Neva Bridge opening. Image source: 2

The White Nights are a natural phenomenon, a kind of symbol of St. Petersburg, and its business card. Many festivals, including folk festivals are held during these nights. Images of the White Nights are widely used in art and literature. They are a joy for travelers, and boast for the locals.

white nights season Saint-Petersburg Russia

The White Nights are an unusual and mysterious phenomenon for most of people. That is why so many tourists try to visit St. Petersburg during this time of the year. Many people consider them as the main attraction to this city. Tourists go for a walk during the White Nights.

The drawbridges attract interest of tourists. The White Nights are more exciting with them to look at.

There are about 300 bridges in St. Petersburg, and 20 of them are drawbridges. It can be a real problem for tourists and city dwellers: they have to wait for the bridges to close and be open for cars’ use and to the public in order to drive to get home or to another point, which is situated on the opposite side.

white nights boat cruise st petersburg

Take a boat trip along Neva river and canels

Travel Tips

If you want to go on a trip to St. Petersburg, try to visit it during White Nights. They are full of romance and beauty. A walk in St. Petersburg at this time promises to be very exciting. You can rent a car in SPB and SPB airport with Bookingautos. Download their car rental mobile app.


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