Top 10 best famous popular Russian male singers 2016-2017


grigory leps russian singer

Grigory Leps

His powerful, overtones-rich voice and out-of-limit, leading to the “aortic rupture” dedication on the scene makes to call to memory only one predecessor – Vladimir Vysotsky.

Grigory Leps does not like talking to the media, and what he can tell reporters? His life is in his songs, in this explosive mix of chanson and rock, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

He sings only live at his concerts, tearing vocal cords, dropping with exhaustion, but not allowing himself to sing either a false note or a false word.

Leps has time to deal with many projects in parallel: construction of his own production center, record albums, production of his own line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, collecting of antique icons and books.

Григорий Лепс – Натали (Official Music Video)


stas mihailov russian singer

Stas Mikhaylov

Stas Mihaylov was born in Sochi on April 27th in 1969 in the family of a pilot and a nurse.

He has begun to write the first poems, sing from his youth up and participate in creative school activities.

Since the release of the album called “Pozyvnye na lyubov'” (2004) popularity has come to Stas Mikhailov. His songs began regularly playing on the radio: “Radio Shanson”, “Radio Dacha”, “Militseyskay volna”.

2006 was marked by the following remarkable events: the album called “Berega mechty” was released and the music video was filmed, and his first solo concert was held in Moscow.

Most of his songs are autobiographical. They describe the real events which he went through.


nikolay baskov russian singer

Nikolai Baskov

Nikolai Baskov was born on October, 15, 1976 in Moscow. He graduated from Russian Gnessins’ Academy of Music on the program of chamber and opera singing in 2001.

After winning in the All-Russian competition of young opera singers (First prize, 1998), as well as after the Second prize of the Grande Voce competition (Spain, 1999), very young Baskov received an offer to perform Lensky part in the Tchaikovsky’s opera “Eugene Onegin “at The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia in 1998.

This served as a breath-taking start of his creative career.

As of today, Baskov is popular singer in Russian Federation.


valeriy meladze russian singer

Valery Meladze

The Valery Meladze’s solo debut happened at the festival “Roksolana” in Kiev in 1993. Gorgeous, inimitable voice, a dramatic style of performance and beautiful melodious songs contributed to the success of Valery Meladze. Meladze calls the style which he employs new romance. Colorful picturesque compositions with meaningful lyrics and professional, almost operatic vocal, these songs prepossess by its emotional depth and intimacy to each lyrical soul.

The significant event in life of the singer is the first tour in the United States took place in the middle of the fall of 2002.


valery leontiev russian singer

Valery Leontiev

Valery Leontiev is one of the brightest representatives of Russian show business. He differs from the majority of artists by his extremely successful and necessary mix of vocal, dance and dramatic skills. This entertainer began his career in the Soviet time yet and has continued to appear actively on stage to this day.

He does not need a prefix “star”. Valery Leontiev is promoted brand, a mention of which is enough for a “sold out” notice.


russian singer sergey lazarev

Sergey Lazarev

We can say without exaggeration that today Sergey Lazarev is one of the favorite singers of the Russian show business. He has a successful career: the author, singer, TV representer and actor – Sergey – lets himself perfectly well these different roles. His songs reach the tops of all charts and ratings, and the singer is one of the most recognizable and under discussion persona.

In 2001 Sergey with his ensemble «Neposedy» colleague Vlad Topalov organizes musical project “Smash”, which gave them recognition and a lot of prizes in various international music competitions. But since December 2005 Sergey has begun a solo music career.

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