Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia

Australia has a vast coastline spanning over 27,000 Kilometers, with beaches situated close to the coastal cities. Cities on the eastern seaboard like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney have the largest concentration of beaches in the country. Tasmania and Adelaide equally have lovely beaches. The ballooning number of beaches in Australia has contributed to Australians liking for outdoor games and the beaches. Below are some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia;

Whitehaven Beach

Located in Whitsundays, the beach stretches over 7km long and has a variety of scenic areas along the beach. It also has beautiful lagoons and inlets that surround the Island. The beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters coupled with uncrowded beaches makes it the most frequented beach in Australia.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is known to have brought up the beach and bikini culture in world history, dating back to the 1900s. It is home to the first Surf Life Saving group in the world. It’s frequented by both local and foreign tourists owing to ease of access from the city, and the fashionable cafĂ© area. The beach is quite calm, and people flock the turquoise waters as they bask in the sun. The calm waters offer a pleasant atmosphere for swimming or surfing.

Burleigh Heads

Located at the Goldcoast in Queensland, Burleigh Heads competes with the top beaches in Australia due to its superb surf settings, the gorgeous outlook at the peninsula. The beaches stretch by 4 km along the coastline and offer exotic dinner points.

Upon visiting the beach, you will be attracted by the wild animals both at sea and on the land. Seabird is quite common, and taking a moment to catch a glimpse at the wales and dolphins is just unavoidable. For those who love fishing, the fisherman’s beach holiday park located in Queensland provides an excellent opportunity to fish for fun.

Noosa Main Beach

At the Sunshine Coast of Queensland’s, lies the breathtaking Noosa beach, boosting of the golden sand, and the pure waters that are patrolled all year round offering the best beach for swimming for the whole family.
The warm climate at Noosa throughout the year gives you a chance to swim with the dolphins, and watching humpback whales makes the beach gorgeous. Noosa beach offers world-class restaurants and boutiques, and fans are assured of delicious meals at some of the restaurants at the beach.

75 Mile Beach

From the name, 75 Mile Beach is one of the most extensive beaches in the world as it stretches across 75 miles on Fraser Island. The Islands has freshwater lakes for swimmers and bubbling champagne pools and a natural spa bath.


Australia boasts some of the best and spectacular beaches in the world, owing to its long stretches of coastlines. Visitors are guaranteed of the clear waters and warm enjoyable weather throughout the year. You can enjoy swimming with the dolphins and get a chance to see the humpback whales on the sea. While in Australia, make a point to visit fisherman’s beach holiday park for its fresh eateries joints and a chance to fish on the sea.

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