Modern Attractive, Cute Russian Actors Under 25, 30

For now, Danila Kozlovsky is considered to be the most attractive young Russian actor. Russian film directors want to get hold of him in their films. The West already looked closely to this muscular handsome man. Kozlovsky acted in the popular American saga Vampire Academy. Danila was born in Moscow. He graduated from the Kronstadt military sea school in 2002. He considers the years spent there as one of the happiest periods of his life. The glittering military career waited for him. But he already made a decision – the actor way attracted him.

Konstantin Kryukov Russian Actor

You would have fallen in love easily with this cute curly guy if you had seen him in the film The 9th Company many years ago. Konstantin Kryukov is a grandchild of the famous actor and film director Sergei Bondarchuk, but it doesn’t mean that Konstantin acts in the Russian cinema only due to his famous grandfather’s favouring. Kostya spent his childhood in Switzerland.

He always was interested in the jewelry business, so he got a Diploma of a Moscow branch of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


Sporting a well-coiffed beard in the style of Justin Timberlake, Kirill Nagiev is an attractive and charismatic actor. The son of the famous showman Dimitry Nagiev, Kirill was born in Leningrad.

Although he trained extensively in the Russian martial art Sambo as a child, he began to pursue acting after enrolling at the acting studio of the Moscow Art Theatre. He later moved to the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, acting in productions such as Brigida, Naslednik, Bezhat, and Papiny dochki.

Aleksandr Golovin is a theatre and film actor of Russian origin who became famous due to several popular performances including the children’s television comedy program Yeralash, the film Svolochi, and the television series Kadetstvo. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1989 to a Russian fighter pilot, Golovin has been acting steadily in films since 2001.

In addition, he has endorsed brands such as Safeguard, Nestle, and Chupa Chups in a variety of television commercials. The talented young actor became a firmly established star after receiving the “Breakthrough of the Year” Award at the 2007 MTV Russia Movie Awards for his role of Kot in the film Svolochi.

Artur Smolyaninov actor

Energetic, persistent, and flamboyant, Artur Smolyaninov is someone who can truly be considered the future of Russian cinema. By completely surrendering himself to his craft, this young talent is likely to become a prominent actor as he continues to gain experience in the industry.

By completely surrendering himself to his craft, this young talent is likely to become a prominent actor as he continues to gain experience in the industry.

According to director Anna Melikyan, “Artur has a very striking appearance and a vivid face; however, he also has that youthful ardor and energy that is impossible to teach”.

Since 2006, Smolyaninov has been attached to the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre and has acted in several popular crime drama series. Artur also gained further esteem following his appearance in the action film The 9th Company.

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