Miniature Steam Railway in The Village of Ulyanovka outside Saint-Petersburg Russia

mini railway in russia
There is a miniature steam railway in the village of Ulyanovka, Tosno District, Leningrad Region. An electrical engineer Pavel Chilin built it on his dacha site. He assembled the locomotive together with the designer Sergei Terekhov. The design is based on narrow-gauge steam locomotives of the First World War. The length of the narrow-gauge railway is about 300 meters. It includes two bridges, two depots, a reversal loop and a dead-end station. He built his own railway to fulfill his childhood dream.

Usually passengers are children. However, a car attached to a steam locomotive can also carry adults. As Chilin told that, the most difficult thing is to inform the children that the trip is over. Therefore, he prefers to roll them around the territory several times until they get tired.

Miniature Steam Railway Video

The craftsman has been working on the construction of a narrow gauge railway for over 10 years. Initially, it was designed to facilitate labor when transporting over a section of soil and building materials. It only remained to finish the real steam locomotive, which instantly became popular with both children and guests. The assembly took about eight years.

miniature railway russia

miniature gauge railway

miniature gauge railway

mini-railway russia

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