Malye Korely – Russian Traditional (Wooden) Architecture Museum Photos

Russian wooden architecture museum

Russian wooden architecture museum

The Museum “Malye Korely” (Малые Корелы in Russian) has a unique collection of monuments of wooden architecture in the open air. The musium is located 25 kilometers away from Arkhangelsk. There are 120 buildings in the territory of 140 ha: churches, chapels, bell towers, peasant farmhouses, mills, barns, which were built in the XVI – early XX centuries. The Museum “Malye Korely” is a collection of the priceless heritage of the original Russian North. There is the folklore-ethnographic theater “Novitsya”, the center of folk art and crafts.

The museum “Malye Korely” is a unique fusion of landscape, monuments, and folk art. Every visitor gets what is missing in a hectic modern city life: the silence of lowly nature of the north, warm wooden Pomeranian houses and temples, the ringing of bells, swashbuckling fun of peasant feast …

Russian North

Russian North

Malye Korely28


Makarevskaya chapel (18th century)

Makarevskaya chapel (18th century)

Malye Korely2


Malye Korely6


Malye Korely11

Malye Korely12

Malye Korely13


Malye Korely17

Malye Korely19

Malye Korely21

Malye Korely22

Malye Korely27

Malye Korely26

Malye Korely18

Malye Korely16

Malye Korely15

Malye Korely37


Malye Korely39

Malye Korely40

Malye Korely42

Malye Korely43

Malye Korely44

Malye Korely45

Malye Korely48

Malye Korely49

Malye Korely52

Malye Korely53

Malye Korely55

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