Longest word in Russian

“Человеконенавистничество” (chelovekonenavistnichestvo) which is “misanthropy” and “высокопревосходительство” (vysokoprevoskhoditel’stvo) which is “excellency” are the longest nouns in Russian. Among the longest animate nouns you can find “одиннадцатиклассница” (odinnadtsaticlassnitsa) which you can use to define a girl who is an eleventh-grader. You can look up the longest adverb which is “неудовлетворительно” (neudovletvoritel’no). It means “unsatisfactory”. “Интернационализироваться” (internatsionalizirovat’sya) which means “be internationalized” is one of the longest verbs in Russian.

The word which consists of 25 letters is “восьмидесятичетырёхлетний” (vos’midesyatichetyryochletniy). You can use it to define a 84-year-old person. To get a long word, you need to use a numeral and, for example, the word stem “-килограммовый (kilogrammoviy)” which defines something that weighs a kilo.

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