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The village Lazarevskoye got its name from the Russian fort named in honour of admiral M.P. Lazarev, the former commander-in-chief of the Black Sea Fleet. 43 Greek families lived there in 1869 and Russians started settling as early as at the end of the 1880s.

Lazarevskoye, Sochi, Russia

At the beginning of the 20th century you could count about 60 yards over there. Kavkazskiy putevoditel’ said about the village in 1908, “Nowadays it’s a peaceful country settlement which has prospects andbrilliant future to become a seaside and climatic health resort due to the location of the sea and nice climate”. And actually the settlement Lazarevskoye has become a large resort centre. A wide variety of different types of relaxation attracts thousands of holidaymakers there from all over Russia in a holiday season.

There is a rather great range of private hotels in the village Lazarevskoye which suits any budget. But even budget rest guarantees excellent quality of service in hotels. Service standards of all the hotels and inns of Lazarevskoye are quite high. The rest in a small private hotel will cost you mush cheaper. Since small private hotels offer excellent customer service and, as a rule, those are private houses or mini hotels where people live by themselves out of a holiday season you can order balanced three meals a day there. You can book a hotel suite on

Russia Black Sea resort of Sochi

Lazarevskoye is a perfect place for extreme tourism and spending time in the bosom of your family. The rest there is relatively cheap. Jeeping and various excursions, swimming in the sea and other kinds of rest – you will find all these things on the Black Sea resort called Lazarevskoye. A camper can combine rest with cultural events or entertainment. Lazarevskoye has its own recreation centre where Russian celebrities constantly come to. There are all the conditions for pleasant and comfortable rest there. Also you can read about things to do in Valencia.

Movie theatres, water park attractions, two water parks, an amusement park, plenty of bars and restaurants are at your service in the settlement Lazarevskoye. Different attractions and parks are open for you and your children almost twenty-four hours a day. Have you ever flown with a parachute or flown a hang glider? You can try to do these extreme sports in Lazarevskoye.

Holidaymakers like to get to know life resting on the Lazarevskoye coast. The sun and the sea are not enough for them. You will loose the tan but the memories about unforgettable places, thrilling stories about historical past, photos will remain. There are about a hundred picturesque waterfalls and 200 caves (50 of them are large) there. Dozens of exciting tourist routes on valleys of mountain rivers, through hills and passes are waiting for active leisure aficionados. If you want to enjoy outdoors adventure, read article about what a camper can combine

Mamedov Gorge

Mamedov Gorge

Mamedov Gorge is an extremely beautiful valley of the Kuapse river in Lazarev district of Great Sochi. It is situated between two mountain ranges. The route is very popular with tourists because it is not far from the road – about 2 km. from Lazarevskoe.

The travel along Mamedov gorge is a simple hiking trail (about 7 km), which runs along the riverbed mostly. Large boulders were paved and footbridges were designed in some places of the riverbed to make tourists feel comfortable.

During the walk you will see a heap of stones, which blocked the flow of the river. Huge boulders of the heap consist of yellow-grey sandstone. But a lot of stones are covered with moss and mould, that’s why they seem greenish from a distance. The water flowing down the rocks turns into small waterfalls which sparkles in the sun like pearls.

sea climatic health resort russia

The gorge gets narrow beyond the heap, making a semidark and damp canyon, overgrown with ferns, ivy, moss and tall trees with spreading crowns on the slopes. In some places the slopes of the canyon close up just above your head forming a peculiar gate. The canyon, washed for centuries with water, looks very picturesque in layers of limestone. Even in the hottest time of the year when a drought prevails on the coast, it’s damp and cool in the canyon and the water dribbles on the slopes. The water, passing through the layers of limestone which are rich in minerals, makes incrustation and weird looking icicles on the walls of the canyon like in a cave.

After passing through the tunnel the trail leads you out to an open and a wider part of the canyon which is called the “White Hall”. The walls of the canyon, formed from siltage limestone and alkali-carbonate layered rocks, are light, almost white, and dazzling white on a sunny day. The height of the walls of the “White Hall” is up to 10 – 15 meters. They say that its chalky walls have a healing effect.

Crab gorge

You can take a wonderful walk in Crab gorge in Lazarevskoe surroundings. It’s named so because freshwater crabs inhabit a local mountain stream. This indicates the purity of water and good ecology. If you drive or walk to the end of Calarash street in village Lazarevskoye, locals point and show you the beginning of the trail which is equipped with signs and markings. The length of the route in Crab gorge is a little longer than 1 km in one direction. The well-groomed forest path and wonderful views on the way make your journey unforgettable. In Crab gorge you can see Mermaids font and Adam font, Karst canyon and Canyon of desires. You can find the main local wonder – 10-meter deep Crab canyon – at the end of the path. The stream turns into a cascade of small waterfalls and water bowls there where you can swim.


Volkonskiy dolmen Russia

Volkonskiy dolmen, Russia

Dolmens is one of the most mysterious phenomena on the Black Sea coast. There are dozens of stone sculptures in woods, gorges, mountain passes on the territory of Lazarev district. Who put the stone funerary monuments there, and why still remains a mystery. There are famous dolmens-monoliths, cut out of a whole lump of sandstone, in Lazarevskoe.

Caucasus dolmens belong to the world treasury of megaliths. Megaliths are magnificent structures from huge stone flags and cultural artifacts from the distant and mysterious past when religious and scientific views of humanity were moulding.

Megaliths has been described on the territory of many countries of the world. One of the most popular and widely known is Stonehenge in England.

Dolmens are giant stone structures, which name comes from the Breton (Celtic) words «tol» (a table) and «men» (a stone, i.e. a stone table). Locals, Adygeis and Abkhazians, called them “ispun” or “spyun” (dwarfs’ houses, caves), “keunezh” and “adam-odzvale” (ancient burial houses). The Russian-speaking population, which had appeared there in the 19th century after annexing the territories of the Black Sea coast to Russia, called the dolmens “bogatyrs’ huts” or “didov’s huts”.

The time of creation of the dolmens:

Dolmens appeared on the territory of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in 3500-2000 B.C. This is a time of transition from the Bronze Age to the early Iron Age.

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