Krubera Cave Is Deepest Cave in the World (2,197 Meters)

There’s something fascinating about caves that attracts people. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re mysterious and the desire to find out how deep they can go or just the idea that you can discover something surprising and dangerous at the same time. So, yes, they are indeed special.
Deepest Cave in the World1
And if you’re a fan of exploring caves, we’re convinced that you wondered at least once where is the deepest cave in the world and, obviously, how deep it is.

Krubera cave

Located in the Arabika Massif, part of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia, the Krubera cave (Пещера Крубера in Russian) is pretty much the deepest in the world, extending for – get ready for this – 13,4 kilometres and having a total depth of 2,197 meters.

The cave was explored progressively and it 2007, Ukrainian diver Gennadiy Samokhin was the first one to go 46 meters deep in the terminal sump of the cave. But he didn’t stop here, as in 2012, he went even deeper – 52 meters, setting a new world record, of 2197 meters. Just imagine going all the way down.

The Krubera cave is right now the deepest in the world, but also the only one on Earth – at least among the known ones – that’s deeper than 2000 meters. However, there’s no certitude that there aren’t even deeper caverns or, why not, if Krubera is actually deeper. But people are curious and we are sure that another team will start exploring it, in order to find out where it stops.

Krubera cave is the deepest

This is just one way of Earth telling humans that there’s still a lot about it we do not know of and it has many, many secrets.

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