It’s Good in Russian

“It’s good” is “это хорошо” (“eto khorosho”) in Russian. It’s an analog of “it’s great” (“otlichno”/ “отлично”) or “it’s awesome” (“eto klassno”/“это классно”). “It’s good for you” is “Eto khorosho dlya tebya” (“это хорошо для тебя”). “It’s good to see you” is “priyatno videt’ tebya” (“приятно видеть тебя”). “It’s good to be home” is “khorosho byt’ doma” (“хорошо быть дома”). If we are speaking about the past, this dialogue is appropriate: “How was your day?” “It was good.” The Russian version is “Kak proshyol tvoy den’?” (“Как прошел твой день?”) “Khorosho” (“Хорошо”).

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