– Is – in Russian

“Is” means “является” (“yavlyaetsya”) или “находится” (“nakhoditsya”) in Russian. But this verb is omitted in the Russian language. If you mean “I’m at home” you say, “Я дома” (“Ya doma.”) instead of “Я нахожусь дома” (“Ya nakhozhus’ doma”.). If you mean “I’m a teacher” you say, “Я учитель” (“Ya uchitel’”.) instead of “Я являюсь учителем” (“Ya yavlyaus’ uchitelem”.). If it’s a question, you just change the intonation. We use a rising intonation at the end of the question “Ты дома?” (“Ty doma?”) which is “Are you at home?” in English. And if we use a falling tone, it turns into the statement “Ты дома” (“Ty doma”.) which is “You are at home” in English.

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