I’m an American in Russian

“I’m an American” is “я американец” (“ya amerikanets”) if you are speaking about a man and “я американка” (“ya amerikanka”) if you are a woman. So the man who was born or lives in Mexico is a “мексиканец” (“meksikanets”). We add two suffixes which are “an” and “ets”. Speaking about an Italian we add just the suffix “ets”. “I’m an Italian” is “я итальянец” (“ya ital’yanets”). If we are speaking about women the ending is “ka”: “I’m a Mexican” (“Ya meksikanka”/ “Я мексиканка”), “I’m an Italian” (“Ya ital’yanka”/ “Я итальянка”), “I’m British” (“Ya britanka/“Я британка”), etc.

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