I Sleep in Russian

“I sleep” means “Я сплю” (“Ya splyu”) in Russian. But you can also say “I’m sleepy” which means “Я сонный” (“Ya sonniy”). “I’m falling asleep” is “Я засыпаю” (“Ya zasypau”). And if you are nodding off to sleep, you can say “Ya splyu” and mean “I’m falling asleep” and “I’m sleepy” by that. “I sleep eight hours a day” is “Я сплю по восемь часов в день” (“Ya splyu pa vosem’ chasov v den’”). “I slept 6 hours today” is “Я сегодня спал шесть часов” (“Ya sevodnya spal shest’ chasov”). The word “segodnya” is written with the letter “g” but you should pronounce it like “sevodnya”.

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