How to Find BIC (SWIFT) Codes of Russian Banks: Sberbank, Alfa, Raiffeisen, VTB, Tinkoff

What is BIC code

BIC is a unique number that acts as the identification code of a banking institution. That BIC (Bank identification code) allows you to determine the exact name of the bank. In addition, if you know this code, you can determine the regional location of the banking organization and its correspondent account number. There are nine digits in the BIC. The first two digits of BIC are 04. They say that the bank is located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Find BIC code by bank name

How to find BIC (SWIFT) code of major Russian banks: Sberbank, Alfa, Raiffeisen, VTB, Citibank, Tinkof, Unicredit.

It is important to understand that you can find out the BIC of the bank by its name only if you know the exact full name of the bank, its branch and the number of a particular branch. To check the BIC code, you need to go to the official site of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, on the page Payment system of the Bank of Russia page. BIC database can be found on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. You can find and validate BIC code by using this DBF database.

How to find out BIC code by card number

It’s is not possible to find BIC, if you only have a bank card number. However, if you received a card at the bank, you were given it in a special envelope with the service agreement, data on your PIN code, etc. In this envelope you can find all the necessary bank details (for this reason, managers recommend that customers do not throw out the information envelopes while you use the card).

How to get Sberbank Russia BIC and other Russian banks

A nine-digit numeric identifier of a banking institution is available to customers upon request. There are several ways how to get the BIC of Sberbank of Russia or any other credit and financial structure. The call center hotline is the easiest way to get the necessary data. Operators provide similar information over the phone.

The code is assigned by the Bank of Russia, which maintains the appropriate BIC classifier. The structure of the code and the procedure for reference maintenance are defined in the regulation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 225-P dated May 6, 2003 “On the reference book of banking identification codes of participants in settlements making payments through the settlement network of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation”.

BIC code explained

According to this document, the BIC has the following structure:

• the first two digits indicate the code of the Russian Federation (“04”);

• the third and fourth difits is the code of the region of the Russian Federation according to the “All-Russian Classifier of Objects of Administrative-Territorial Division” OK 019-95 (OKATO), adopted by Resolution of the State Standard of Russia No. 413 of July 31, 1995. If the figures are equal to “00”, then the bank’s division is outside of Russia;
• the fifth and sixth – the conditional office number of the settlement network of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, or the number of the structural unit (branch) of the Bank of Russia. The code can take numeric values ​​from “00” to “99”;

• from seventh to ninth – conditional number of the credit institution in the branch of the settlement network of the Central Bank, in which its correspondent account is opened. It can take values ​​from “050” to “999”.

• For cash and settlement centers within the Bank of Russia, these values ​​take the form “000”. For the head settlement cash center and other units that perform its functions – “001”. For other units of the settlement network of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the structural units of the Bank of Russia, these values ​​correspond to “002”.

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