How to Become a Dentist in Russia

You can get a major in stomatology for example at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) or Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry or any other medical university where there is a Department of Stomatology. The studies last 5 years, then you do an internship for a year, and then do residency for two years. To become a dentist, you should graduate from a Medical University and get a major in one of the stomatological fields: children’s stomatology, therapeutic stomatology, dental surgery, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontology, or general practice dentistry. If you already have a degree in medicine, you can only get an additional education and a proper major.

This profession is with good job opportunities and one of the highest-paying ones. Dentists of any kind can work in public and private dental clinics, dental offices of health centers, military hospitals, etc.

The preparation for entering is a difficult and labor-intensive process which will take you more than one year. If you consider treating as a noble cause and like what you do, this is your path.

In order to enter a university and major in this field you should take into consideration that you should prepare in advance. If a profession is prestigious, there is a great competition while entering. You have to pass the Unified State Exams in Chemistry, Biology, and Russian. You can learn about passing USE scores on the official site of your university where you can also find a list of documents necessary for entering. Professionalism and efficiency of treatment depend on how well a specialist knows physiology and anatomy.

After the first year of education gaining special medical knowledge in the profession begins. Also you will do practical work in health care institutions as associate medical staff.

When you are senior students, practice is supposed to be practicing medicine in a dental clinic under doctor’s control. By the fifth year it’s time you chose a course (field) in which you are going to work in stomatology.

After graduation you get a Diploma of higher education without the right to do medical actions. You had a theoretical course. And now you will be assigned to an internship. You do an internship in a dental clinic under specialists’ supervision. In a year you will get a certificate which gives you the right to provide medical dental services.

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