Hammock Camping Basics

The hammock camping experience basics are for those who are planning on taking a camping trip but for more enjoyment with nature. If your upcoming camping trip will be more tolerable, it’s going to be because of the hammock. It’s cheaper, it’s lighter, and it’s more comfortable to sleep in then on the ground.

How to Start Hammock Camping

When you start hammock camping, it’s based solely on the hammock being used for camping the night away instead of using a tent and sleeping bag. Although some campers may use sleeping bags on their hammocks, it’s safe to say that its simply for comfort reasons. There are hammocks that have cushioning material making it so comfortable to sleep in. The hammock alone is enough, so don’t think about bugs or flying insects since you can buy a mesh net for the hammock that will protect your from ‘nature’s critters’. You’ll still have a great time outdoors anyway once you begin to learn how to start hammock camping soon.

Learn about the various hammocks and their styles.

  • ┬áThe duo hammock is ideal for couples or kids, for instance, is one of many styles of hammocks that are on the market today.
  • Go online and search camp grounds which may offer “hammock camping” in your region.
  • Set up a community with your local sports shop and create a hammock community.
  • Find a group who may offer a sports network of campers in your area.
  • Buy a hammock!

Why Go Hammock Camping

You’ll want to go hammock camping if you don’t like sleeping on the ground. It’s the ultimate sleeping place to rest and enjoy the wilderness while keeping afloat, literally.

There are five main reasons why hammock camping is a must.

1. The comfort is much better; it’s like you’re floating on air. There’s many things that you can be laying on such as a tree root, a pebble, or rock, which may keep you waking up at night. With the hammock, there’s nothing below you and everything above you, such as the stars at night.

2. You’ll be able to stand up and stretch, you’ll be able to star gaze at night, and you’ll feel more in unison with nature.

3. When camping on a hammock, you’ll feel much more refreshed and comfortable when you sleep and when you awaken in the morning. It’s universal fun with your natural surroundings which is more relaxing overall.

4. Everything you need when hammock camping is small: the hammock tarp, the mosquito net, the hammock gear area or bag and naturally your hammock. For the privacy, you’ll have to change behind a tarp once it’s set up beforehand.

5. Not only is it a bed for you, it’s a place to sit and relax, like a couch. Therefore you aren’t hiding in a tent, you’re relaxing on a hammock.

Find the right location

Finding the right location is a something you may want to consider. In fact, search for reviews to the place you’ll be staying at. Read reviews and see what amenities there are at the location you plan on visiting. You can also ask for any deals which will help find the right location that much better.

Get a good hammock

Depending on your preference, you should spend some time researching the various hammocks that will suit your needs. There are more than a enough styles out on the market. Choose wisely because this will be your bed for the nights you are camping outdoors on a hammock camping trip.

WEIGHT – Keep your weight to the minimum if possible. There are various types of hammocks that can take a maximum. This is something to consider when finding out the right hammock to purchase for your hammock camping trip. Recommendations include having “ultralight slings” which you will barely feel.

PRICE – Buy one that will give you more than quality. If you plan on using it a lot then plan on spending more than a hundred dollars. If not, then you know the drill, spend less on one.

DIMENSIONS – In general, the longer and the widest the better is not always true. What’s true is that the more comfortable it is, the better. Although you don’t want it to be too wide or too tight.

STRENGTH – Quality and construction are important when buying a hammock for your hammock camping trip. A trusted manufacturer is better in quality so find one that you trust.

BEST USE – Buy one you plan on sleeping in when you go hammock camping. Don’t buy one that will keep you up all night, get a comfortable one and make sure you can use it outdoors when it’s a cold night out.

STRAPS – You may want to make sure that your hammock comes with it’s own straps. The policy of the hammock may say something about it. For safety measures, it’s good to have the set since they both come from the same manufacturer.

Finally, when you plan your hammock camping trip, remember you are doing this for the sole purpose of your vacationing or relaxation reasons. Everyone needs a good vacation and something different. Stop wasting time and get on with a fun and relaxing hammock camping trip. Consequently, following these hammock camp basics should at least get you started in at least selecting the right one for you. You should get that momentum going before Spring season!

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