Going it alone: 5 Tips for successful solo travel

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” quotes Rachel Wolchin. Solo traveling is unlimited fun, enjoyment and it also brings unforgettable moments along the way. People traveling with family or friends often complain of having an average trip just because they could not have the luxury of enjoying things in their way. When it comes to solo travel, you are independent, you have authority over your actions and you can do whatever you like!

However, solo travel is little difficult because you have to take care of yourself. There will be nobody else for taking care of your food etc. You need to arrange everything yourself. There are 5 tips which will enable you to have successful solo travel

Safety should be the priority

The main concern for the individual intending to go alone for a trip is his safety. You would think yourself vulnerable to crimes as there will be no one to watch your back or bring food if you get sick. In such cases, take some precautions like book your hotel room in advance, book your air ticket in advance or always ask about the fare before booking a taxi ride. Such things will ensure that there will be no mishap relating to your movement and residence. Moreover, keep your identity card, passport, and ATMs at different secret places on your body. It would be great if you can write down all the important contact numbers in the diary as well.

Don’t trust everybody

Trust is a valuable asset so don’t waste it on everybody, especially, when you are traveling alone. Mix up within the groups but don’t get enough close to be cheated by anybody. Trust your guts for making a perception. Often thieves have the most charismatic personality. Beware of them.

Eat well

On solo trips, you should eat well as there will be no Mama for taking care if something bad happens. Take sauce and salads with meals. Grilled food items are preferred for traveling. One problem which solo travelers can face is that solo travelers often feel alone when dining. In such cases, make some arrangements such as; prefer to dine in at outdoor cafes or book a seat in a bar. Other than that, you can keep a book with you when dining. If this problem still persists then order your meal in a hotel room.

Don’t think much about things at home

During my solo traveling, I would prefer switching off smartphone for a bit but it could not be possible for you so try to stay in the present and enjoy what it offers you. Arranging a solo trip is not so easy, don’t waste it bothering about things that you escaped to have this wonderful tour. Relish every moment of it. Take bath at places where no one could see you. Enjoy being independent and free. Hiking is an amazing activity for exploring new areas and natural beauty. Gather enough water and start hiking in some beautiful area. You can read here for further backpacking gadgets

Pack things cautiously

You are going on a trip alone so you need to pack things smartly. First aid kit with necessary medications is important. Loose clothes are preferred for adventures as you don’t want your muscles to get sore. Don’t forget to keep all of your important documents. Pack an extra pair of shoes as well. A google search will provide you enough information about the climate of the touring place. Pack clothes with keeping the weather in mind.

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Wesley is a professional engineer and runner.  He graduated from the University of Florida with the degree, Master of Engineering.  He currently practices engineering all over the United States where he has also been able to participate in a myriad of running events like trail runs, triathlons, and half-marathons (no full marathon…yet!).  His real passion is just being outdoors and he regularly blogs about it at www.therunnersbackpack.com.

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