Best Soviet Comedy Movies. Humor in The Soviet Union

 Funny Soviet movies

The main character of the film Dzhentimeny udachi, the famous gangster nicknamed Dozent, stole Alexander III of Macedonia’s helmet. The law-enforcement agencies came up with a plan to put harmless kindergarten principal Troshkin, who looks like the malefactor to Dozent’s companions, in jail in order to wrangle valuable information about the location of the helmet.

Troshkin performs his role brilliantly, gets authority over the gangsters, and forces them to learn English. This film is one of the masterpieces of Soviet cinema, and never gets old. It has classic quotes which are still loved by the newer generations of audiences.

Ivan Vasilevich menyaet professiyu is one of the most famous comedy films of Russian cinematography about the engineer-inventor Timofeev’s adventures who running an experiment with his time machine in his cozy flat loses control of it and… sets off back in the XVI century, namely in the «Ivan the Terrible’s» Chambers. Thief from the next-door flat Zorz Miloslavsky and pensioner Ivan Vasilevich Bunsha are carried back with him. The Tzar himself sets off to the future «on exchange». The film is full of plenty of unexpected and funny moments.

The film Operatsiya «Y» i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika presents a collection of funny short stories about flaxen-haired four-eyes student Shurik.

In the first story, he constantly scuttlebutts with a hooligan-workmate who serves time on a building site for discipline problems in public transport. In the second story, he prepares for an examination and meets a girl in a pretty off the wall and funny way. In the third story, Shurik encounters a band of rogues Trus, Balbes, and Byvaly who try to stage a robbery in a storage.

Shurik is already famous and a favourite of audiences due to the Soviet comedies Ivan Vasilevich menyaet professiyu and Operatsiya «Y» i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika. In the film Kavkazskaya plennitsa ili novie priklyucheniya Shurika, he falls in love with looker Nina gathering folklore in Caucasus during a summer practice. But he knows almost right from the start from what others have said that the girl is going to get married and doesn’t even mind if the groom abducts her as a local tradition dictates. Shurik is the person whom the groom’s representatives give the responsibility of abducting Nina to.

He abducts Nina from an athletics camp and only after, he realises that he aligned himself with three rogues. Now the enamoured guy needs to do his best to save the girl from imprisonment.

The film Brilliantovaya ruka is about the adventures of a humble employee, Semen Gorbunkov, who sets off on a trip abroad. He meets a malefactor on a ship who is smuggling diamonds into the USSR. On shore, Gorbunkov accidentally stumbles and breaks his arm. Upon falling at the right time and place, he says the secret code «dammit!». He is plastered with diamonds. Upon his return to the mother country, Gorbunkov unwittingly becomes a key person in a case involving the gang of smugglers.

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