Creative Mountain Bike Rider From Russia

Cool video of famous MTB rider Alexander Belevsky from sunny Krasnodar, Russia. Sasha has incredible control, smooth execution of stunts and his own progressive and creative style.

By far mountain bike is the most popular type of bike. This type of bicycle is designed for off-road, rough terrain cycling. The concept itself includes several different in designation and design subtypes. Mountain biking is one of the most versatile types of bicycles, although it is best for off-road cycling.

Basically, all modern mountain bikes have a wheel diameter of 26 inches (559 mm), 28 inch (622 mm – 700C), 29 inch (ISO 622 mm rim diameter). There are mountain bikes with 24 inch wheel diameter; they are designed for 12-16 years old teens. There are also bicycles with and without shock absorbers, although recently models without a front shock absorber are considered as a bad type. There are models with two shock absorbers (front and rear). Bicycles of this type have a heavy-duty construction, wide tires with knobby tread.

Modern mountain bikes have more than 18 gears, bikes easily pass on any roads. Currently, bicycles are equipped with 18-27 gears, they provide to change gear ratio in a very wide range. It works well at high-speed movement on highway and on steep climbs. Now mountain bikes also are produced for city asphalt roadways. They have rigid forks and relatively narrow slick/semi-slick tires.

Mountain bike is universal in many respects, you can ride around the city and forest trails comfortably, ride on stony routes and highway. The most common and universal type is a bicycle with a front shock absorber and classic frame. However, they move with less speed on a highway.

All mountain bikes have common features. They have a solid frame of small size with a large road clearance. The frame is usually made of chrome-molybdenum steel, aluminum alloys, more rarely of titanium or carbon fiber.

According to the design features of suspension, mountain bikes are divided into four main types. The first type is rigid, which do not have shock-absorption. The second type is hardtail, they have a shock-absorbing fork. Full suspension bicycles with front and rear shock absorbers. The fourth, less common type is softtail, these bikes have a shock-absorber fork, special design of the rear triangle’s feathers provides suspension of the rear wheel.

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