Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel

We all dream about travelling to our dream destination and staying in the luxurious hotel, getting a spa and trying out all the eateries. All these travel activities are not affordable by everybody and no matter how much you want to visit a lot of places, you still have to miss out a few or more because of low budget.

Fret not! Here are some of the effective ways using which you can save for your dream holiday. Obviously, it will take some time to reach the desired amount. However, it sure is worth the wait and patience.
So, read through and thank me later!

1. Open a Saving Account

Saving your travel money in your regular accounts is not good idea because it gets mixed up and you might end up spending too less or too much at times. Therefore, it is better open a separate savings account dedicated for travel savings where you can save your money. It becomes easier to be aware that how much money you might need to save more. Plus, when you are on your trip, you can easily track the travel costs incurred and plan in a better way to stay under budget.

2. Ask Everybody to Contribute

If you are planning on a family trip, we all know how expensive it can get to pay for all the kids. Therefore, a great way to save and make it more exciting for everyone is to ask each person to save up to a certain amount in the family piggy bank. Yes, you can use a piggy bank for this purpose and trust me it really works.

3. Travel by Car

If you are going out of town and travelling by car is possible, I would suggest you to go for it. Travelling by car will help you save a lot of money for your exciting adventures on the trip rather than spending tons of it on just a plane ticket. However, do make sure the car is in a good condition with proper security system with trackers, high-quality dash cams and locks installed in it.

4. Take Travel Grants

If your purpose to travel is related to some research, education or your profession, you can apply for a grant which is available for people who qualify for it. The funds you get in travel grants are not enough to offset all your expenses. However, they are enough for offsetting a few major expenses which leaves you with money that you can spend sparingly on exploring the place.

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