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Going it alone: 5 Tips for successful solo travel

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” quotes Rachel Wolchin. Solo traveling is unlimited fun, enjoyment and it also brings unforgettable moments along the way. People traveling with family or friends often complain of having an average trip just because they could not have the luxury… Read More »

Best Floating Restaurants Around The World

Food is a basic necessity for sure, but there are few (well a lot) individuals who daydream about the tempting food that comes across social media. And God forbid if they decide to go for a bite in one of their dream eateries, they stay hungry until satisfied. How do I know about all this?… Read More »

Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel

We all dream about travelling to our dream destination and staying in the luxurious hotel, getting a spa and trying out all the eateries. All these travel activities are not affordable by everybody and no matter how much you want to visit a lot of places, you still have to miss out a few or… Read More »

Easy and Effective Tips for Traveling To Save Money

Travelling is a necessity in a free world. As a hobby, travelling can allow you appreciate the beauties of the world and the epitomes of civilization. However, travelling can be expensive especially if you choose to travel abroad. May be you want to visit Russia and appreciate the mythological creatures or any other destinations of interest. You… Read More »

Bhopal – The lake city of heart of India

The Madhya Pradesh state of India has a number of tourist destinations, and that is why it is rightly called as the heart of the nation. Bhopal attracts a large number of tourists as it is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and also known for its scenic beauty and historic sites. It is also known… Read More »