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Best Most Popular Soviet Union Cars Brands & Models: Lada, GAZ, ZAZ, Moskvich, Volga

Most Popular Soviet Cars List ZAZ Zaporozhets – rear-wheel-drive supermini car ZAZ968 – Year of manufacture: 1978 The first Zaporozhets came off the assembly line at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine in 1960. Its main prototype was Italian Fiat 600. It was commonplace to talk about a small Soviet car with disdain and joke,… Read More »

Best New Russian Nuclear Submarines. Typhoon, Yasen, Borei-class. Largest Submarine in The World

Half of the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons is hidden under water, in the launch silos of nuclear submarines that are plowing 70% of the world’s surface. Only six countries: India, China, Britain, France, the USA and Russia are able to build objects of cosmic complexity – nuclear submarines. Russian Akula (“Shark”)/Typhoon class submarine Largest… Read More »

Top 10 Russian Web Hosting Providers List 2019. Best shared, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting plans

Russian web hosting companies are represented on this site by top 10 most reliable hosting providers from simple CMS-oriented sites to hosting providers and domain name registrars on a federal scale. Recently, a lot of modern data centers have been built in Russia. Most of them are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is… Read More »