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Best Floating Restaurants Around The World

Food is a basic necessity for sure, but there are few (well a lot) individuals who daydream about the tempting food that comes across social media. And God forbid if they decide to go for a bite in one of their dream eateries, they stay hungry until satisfied. How do I know about all this?… Read More »

Six Best Camping Sites in California

Planning on camping in California, well the place offers the best scenery for pitching your tent. California is an excellent place to do your favorite outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and swimming enabling you have the best of time during your camping period. The state offers natural features such as landscapes, exotic wildlife, beaches,… Read More »

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Russia in the Winter

This winter you should ditch your traditional festivities and travel to Russia for the most spectacular winter festivities and sites. Russians do winter better than anyone else, and they do it year-round. During the wintertime, you can experience fun holidays, see some of the best ballerinas in the world perform, and you’re guaranteed to see… Read More »

Baikal in Autumn: The Olkhon Island

Baikal is a big and vast dream for many people as well as Russian single women are a dream for many men. When your dream will come true, try to realize everything around and feel this energy in full. Let’s talk about the largest island of Lake Baikal, Olkhon. Even if you have only 3… Read More »

Bhopal – The lake city of heart of India

The Madhya Pradesh state of India has a number of tourist destinations, and that is why it is rightly called as the heart of the nation. Bhopal attracts a large number of tourists as it is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and also known for its scenic beauty and historic sites. It is also known… Read More »

The Mosaic Courtyard. Mosaic-glass Art in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The original courtyard with the colorful mosaic is located in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia, near the Fontanka River, Tchaikovsky Street 2/7. Every courtyard differs from other ones. A distinctive feature of this courtyard is that the walls of houses, playground, flower beds, benches, sundial, and statues are covered with mosaic!