Malye Korely – Russian traditional (wooden) architecture museum (photos, panoramas)

The Museum “Malye Korely” (Малые Корелы in Russian) has a unique collection of monuments of wooden architecture in the open air. The musium is located 25 kilometers away from Arkhangelsk. There are 120 buildings in the territory of 140 ha: churches, chapels, bell towers, peasant farmhouses, mills, barns, which were built in the XVI – […]

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Best Tourist Attractions in Murmansk, Russia

Murmansk tourist information

The biggest country in the world offers everything from mesmerizing scenic views to artistic beauties and of course multiple other leisure facilities. Russia offers different historical places along with creative museums and art galleries. Army forts and memorials are frequently touring places for the visitors. Christian’s religious places are also equally famous for pilgrimage. There […]

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