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How to Survive a Russian Summer Camp

After a stressful year of teaching English in China, I needed a break. Not only was I grinding my teeth at night, but I had started unconsciously yanking out my eyebrow hair in a stress-based fugue state. It was not a good time for me, so I decided to declutter my life and spend a… Read More »

Wolverine in Golden Light – Wild Russia Photos

Photographers-animalists much depend on luck, great pictures happen to be taken incredibly easy. But you have to be patient often and work really hard to achieve the result. For example, this is photo of the wolverine, and it wasn’t made without a fortune. Wolverine is a pretty careful animal, usually active at dusk and night. They inhabit… Read More »

Best places to fish in Russia. What kind of fish are in Russian Federation

Therefore, you have packed all your fishing hunting gear including the best fish finder! What you’re searching for now is an exotic and exciting fishing destination in Russia. Unquestionably; this country offers the best destinations for fishing holiday enthusiasts. Russia boasts numerous water bodies suitable to ensure you enjoy some great fishing. You might be… Read More »

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Russia in the Winter

This winter you should ditch your traditional festivities and travel to Russia for the most spectacular winter festivities and sites. Russians do winter better than anyone else, and they do it year-round. During the wintertime, you can experience fun holidays, see some of the best ballerinas in the world perform, and you’re guaranteed to see… Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Charter

Vacations entail a lot of merrymaking and having fun. Holidaymakers, newly married couples, and families need to have perfect relaxation time during their vacation. Holidays bring people together, create new relationships, and heal broken bonds. There are so many destinations that individuals can consider for their vacations, that suit their budget and time frame. One… Read More »

Amazing Benefits of Stargazing

Stargazing may not sound very interesting to most of the people and it is because they have never experienced the darkest night sky with a sight of billions of stars. These are the people who mostly live in the urban cities where you can’t see a thing in the sky because of heavy pollution. However,… Read More »

Baikal in Autumn: The Olkhon Island

Baikal is a big and vast dream for many people as well as Russian single women are a dream for many men. When your dream will come true, try to realize everything around and feel this energy in full. Let’s talk about the largest island of Lake Baikal, Olkhon. Even if you have only 3… Read More »

7 Reasons hiking is good for Health

Hiking is a solid leisure activity with a view. In the event that you haven’t gone for a climb yet, right now is an ideal opportunity; all you require is a decent combine of hiking boots, a backpack and a great feeling of experience. We invest an excessive amount of energy inside, passing up a… Read More »