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Top 10 Most Important, Famous, Interesting Places in Moscow, Russia (Photos)

Is Moscow a good place to visit, good tourist/holiday destination? The city of Moscow is located in the Central Federal District of Russia and is an inland city. As the capital of Russia it is also the most populated city in the world that is considered inland with a population hovering around 11.5 million citizens.… Read More »

Russian Wooden Doll Name – Matreshka: History, Meaning, Photo

A Matreshka is a small wooden painted doll in which there are some smaller copies of it. The first matreshka who was a round-faced average peasant girl wearing a three-cornered colored painted kerchief and a Russian national smart sarafan appeared not at all in ancient times. The first prototype of a matreshka was brought from… Read More »

Top 8 Famous, Iconic Russian Buildings Info & Photos

Top 8 Russian Iconic buildings Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral was consecrated in 1561. Moscow tsar Ivan Grozniy named a cathedral built near the Kremlin Pokrovskiy cathedral even before the beginning of the construction. People called this cathedral the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed after completion of the construction. They named it after a local… Read More »

Alternative Things to Do in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have already experienced the atmosphere of the city, seen the main attractions, then try an alternative scenario of pastime with wonderful brides from Russia. It is the second level for those who has passed the first level, including all of the main sights. 1. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. Having walked a lot… Read More »

The Top Five Famous 18th and 19th Century Russian Architects

Throughout history, Russia has produced its share of world-class architects. From the multiple century-old St Basil’s Cathedral to contemporary House on Mosfilmovskaya, the world has been mesmerized with stunning Russian architecture. In this article, we are going to look at the top five 18th and 19th century architects from Russia. #1 Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov Vladimir was… Read More »