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Top 10 Most Popular Russian Dating Sites and Apps (Free and Paid) 2020

Russia is the largest country in the world with a population of over 142.9 million people. It is interesting to note that despite the high population, there are ten million more women than men. This has therefore led to establishment of various Russian dating websites and apps to help those looking for love to find… Read More »

Top 8 Famous, Iconic Russian Buildings Info & Photos

Top 8 Russian Iconic buildings Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral was consecrated in 1561. Moscow tsar Ivan Grozniy named a cathedral built near the Kremlin Pokrovskiy cathedral even before the beginning of the construction. People called this cathedral the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed after completion of the construction. They named it after a local… Read More »

Most Famous Russian Male and Female Ballet Dancers

Best Russian Ballet Dancers Since the birth of Ballet in Russia and the creation of the Russian Ballet, there have been many ballet companies emerging to the top and getting worldwide appreciation. Moreover, along with these companies Russia produced some of the finest and most celebrated ballet dancers who not just astonished and overwhelmed their… Read More »

Popular, Stereotypical, Unique, Rare Russian Female Names and Meanings

Such names as Sofia, Anastasiya, Darya, Polina, Elizaveta, Ksenya, and Alyona are the first ones in the ranking of the most popular Russian female names. You can see these names among all the registered new-born girls according to the statistics. Modern Russian female names origin for the most part from Slavic, Greek, Jewish, Latin and… Read More »

Modern Russian Female Actresses Under 25, 30

Elizaveta Boyarskaya was born into a family of two famous actors Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian. She was interested in jazz and classical dancing. In 2007, Liza graduated from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (the workshop of Lev Dodin). At the time of graduation from the Academy, she was being talked about as an… Read More »

Happy Birthday, Christmas, New Year Card in Russian Language. Greeting Cards Images

Happy Birthday, Christmas, New Year greeting cards in Russian Language Send free greeting cards to everyone: man and woman, beloved, friend and colleague! “Congratulations!” Postcards with flowers, drawn and photo cards, modern and Soviet postcards. 10000+ different birthday cards – pictures, photos with captions, funny pictures and, of course, GIF animations for all ages. Here… Read More »

Soviet and Modern Russian National Anthem History and Lyrics, Music Youtube video

Every country has three main symbols which are the State Emblem, the National Flag, and the National Anthem. An anthem is an ancient Greek word which comes from the verb “sing” and “glorify”. “Glorify” means “to make public” and “to honour the memory”. An anthem differs from other songs by that it’s written in a… Read More »

Top Russian Ballet Companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Renowned Ballet Companies in Russia A Ballet is a form of dancing which was given birth during the Italian Renaissance and once it gained some attention, was later introduced in France and Russia. Once, ballet got introduced in Russia, it became popular and was promoted by many rulers which actually gave form to Russian Ballet.… Read More »