Russian Language Word for Happy Birthday, Wishes. How to Write/Say Happy Birthday

How to write and say happy birthday in Russian

Birthday is favorite holiday for the most people. The whole year we are waiting for it with impatience, we count the days before it occurs. There are many ways to say Happy Birthday in Russian! Most common phrase is “С днем рождения!”, what literally means “With the birthday, to you”. [S dnyem roshdeniya] Happy birthday […]

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Best Soviet Comedy Movies. Humor in The Soviet Union

 Funny Soviet movies The main character of the film Dzhentimeny udachi, the famous gangster nicknamed Dozent, stole Alexander III of Macedonia’s helmet. The law-enforcement agencies came up with a plan to put harmless kindergarten principal Troshkin, who looks like the malefactor to Dozent’s companions, in jail in order to wrangle valuable information about the location […]

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The Top Five Famous 18th and 19th Century Russian Architects

Throughout history, Russia has produced its share of world-class architects. From the multiple century-old St Basil’s Cathedral to contemporary House on Mosfilmovskaya, the world has been mesmerized with stunning Russian architecture. In this article, we are going to look at the top five 18th and 19th century architects from Russia. #1 Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov Vladimir was […]

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