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Top 10 Real Estate Companies/Agencies in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg 2019

If you are going to buy, sell or rent commercial/residential real estate in Russia, you are welcome to use the legal and consulting services of some of the largest real estate companies available. We found information about a range of companies which have been operating and providing their clients with comprehensive services on the real… Read More »

Top 10 Russian Web Hosting Providers List 2019. Best shared, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting plans

Russian web hosting companies are represented on this site by top 10 most reliable hosting providers from simple CMS-oriented sites to hosting providers and domain name registrars on a federal scale. Recently, a lot of modern data centers have been built in Russia. Most of them are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is… Read More »

Top 10 Biggest Russian Construction Companies List 2018-2019

Top 10 major Russian construction companies 2019: PIK Group PIK Group is one of theleading Russian companies in the sphere of residential real estate. The company’s main activity is building and sale of economy class accommodation, basically in the segment of panel industrial housebuilding. The company PIK works in some traditional directions: developing real estate,… Read More »

Top 10 Russian Pharma Companies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers List 2019

There are more than 950 manufacturers of medical products on the Russian pharmacy market. These Top 10 pharmaceutical companies together account for approximately one-third of pharma market. There are more than 600 plants in Russia, which produce pharmaceutical and biomedical products. The level of development of the pharmaceutical industry is very high, which allows producing… Read More »

Top 5 Russian Tech/Telecom/IT Companies 2019

Russia is the largest country in the world and has very high population. While it has not fully incorporated some of its tech enterprises, this has not stopped a few companies from offering their services and making huge profits. Lately, external companies that have been trying to reach the country’s huge population have been experiencing… Read More »

Top 5 Russian Architecture Companies/Firms List 2018-2019

The company ABD Architects was in the first ones which began to develop the ideas of persistent design in the Russian office sector. It specializes in architectural engineering. This architect’s companydesigns interiors of offices, housing estates, malls, shopping centers, headquarters, banks, training centers, clinics, business centers, etc. The company ABD architects has an access to… Read More »

Ruble Currency Code. Ruble Currency Symbol

DEFINITION of ‘RUB (Russian Ruble)’ The RUB is the currency code for the Russian ruble (RUB), the currency of Russia. Ruble currency symbol. The symbol (sign) of the ruble is an abbreviated graphic designation of the word “ruble”, i.e. symbol of the ruble. If the first mention of the ruble appeared in the 13th century,… Read More »

Top 5 Largest International (Foreign) Banks in Russia 2019

International (Western: European, American) banks in Russia According to Russian legislation, foreign banks in Russia can not open branches, but may have a share in Russian banks. In other words, foreign banks may open subsidiaries in the Russia, which are inherently Russian banks, but the founders are completely or partially foreigners. These banks operate on… Read More »

Top 5 Most Important, Reliable State-Owned Russian Banks

What are the most important, reliable and safest government banks for Russian economy? Bank of Russia is currently engaging in cleaning the domestic banking system and actively revoking the licenses from banks for the violation of banking regulations. Banks with state participation are the most reliable in comparison with others because the probability of revocation… Read More »

How to Find BIC (SWIFT) Codes of Russian Banks: Sberbank, Alfa, Raiffeisen, VTB, Tinkoff

What is BIC code BIC is a unique number that acts as the identification code of a banking institution. That BIC (Bank identification code) allows you to determine the exact name of the bank. In addition, if you know this code, you can determine the regional location of the banking organization and its correspondent account… Read More »

Top 5 Russian Car Companies/Manufacturers List 2019. Popular Brands

Car production is one of the significant industries in Russia. The industry has been in a position to employ approximately 600,000 people in the country. In the year 2016, Russia was ranked 16th among the car-producing countries in the world. In fact, it was able to produce around 1.3 million vehicles which is 1.4% of… Read More »