Bridge of Four Lions in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Bridge of Four Lions St. Petersburg Russia

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Bridge of Four Lions is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg near the Yusupov Palace. The bridge is an architectural masterpiece. It’s a pedestrian single span suspension bridge. The bridge links Spasskiy and Kazanskiy islands. It spans the Griboyedov Canal. Bridge of Four Lions was designed by the engineer G. Tretter. The architectural appearance of the bridge resembles Bankovskiy bridge’s one, except the griffins part. Particularly, the structure and the decoration of the bridge looks like those ones of Bankovskiy bridge.

The project of the bridge was confirmed in 1825. The engineer V.A. Khristianovich was in charge of building the bridge. It was constructed from 1825 to 1826. The bridge was opened on July 1st, 1826. It was named “Lviniy” because cast-iron figures of lions sit on the pedestals. They are situated at the corners of the construction. Chains stretch from their mouths and the bridge is supported by the chains. The figures of the lions were cast in an alabaster mould. The lions are painted white to resemble marble. The lions are hollow.

The length of the bridge is 27 m. The bridge is 2.4 m wide. A pattern of the bridge fence is a chain of rhombi which are linked to each other with flower rosettes. This pattern was also used in Ioanovsky bridge. Some pieces of the railing are covered with gilding.

keanu reeves in saint petersburg russia

Keanu Reeves in Saint-Petersburg

Lviniy bridge has been reconstructed and restored many times. To be more specific, the forged railing instead of the iron fence appeared on the bridge in 1880. The bridge also had to be restored after the Great Patriotic War. Lampposts were set in 1954. And the restoration of the bridge before Saint Petersburg’s three-hundredth anniversary made it look a lot like it did originally.

This suspension chain foot bridge is a unique architectural monument. The mouths of the lions are linked by chains. The seated lion sculptures were created by the Russian sculptor Pavel Sokolov. The lions seat on the haunches. Their front legs are vertical. Two lampposts on moulded cast iron foundations are in the center of the bridge. The bridge is an object of cultural and historical heritage.

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