Bhopal – The Lake City of Heart of India

The Madhya Pradesh state of India has a number of tourist destinations, and that is why it is rightly called as the heart of the nation. Bhopal attracts a large number of tourists as it is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and also known for its scenic >beauty and historic sites. It is also known as the city of lakes and has the largest man-made Lake of the country. It also has the largest mosque in the country and known all over the world for its cultural diversity. It was ruled by the wives of the Nawabs for more than a century.

Buddhist monuments of Sanchi

The Sanchi Stupa is also known as one of the most popular travel destinations of Madhya Pradesh, and you will find excellent architecture at the temple complex. You will also pass through the Tropic of Cancer when you arrive at the place via Bhopal. The relics of Gautam Buddha have been placed at this location, and it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country.

Yodhastal of Bhopal

The amazing Museum has some of the finest weapons display, and you will find real tanks and guns at this museum. A tourist who comes here feel proud to see the display of various equipment used by the Indian Army in different wars. You will also be presented to a short movie on the armed forces of the nation, and this will be an exciting watch for your children. You can spend some relaxing time with your family members at this museum.

Upper Lake of Bhopal

The amazing lake was built in the 11th Century by King Raja Bhoj. It is said that the lake has waters from as many as 365 tributaries and has some amazing properties. You can even enjoy boating activities organized by the Boat Club in this place. It is also known as the lake-view point of the city, and you can get the best view of the lake during the night time when the entire border of the lake will be suitably lighted. There is also a road that passes parallel to the lake, and you will get the best view of the lake from this point.

BadiJheel Lake

This is the biggest lake of the city and well known for the scenic beauty surrounding the lake. You can get the panoramic view of the entire City from this location. It is also a popular place to catch the sunset, and you can also enjoy the boating activities at this place. There are many kinds of boating facilities, and you can choose the suitable one according to your needs. It is also one of the popular picnic spots for the residents.

Tajul Masjid of Bhopal

This is the largest mosque of India and situated near a lake. It was developed by Shah Jahan Begum during the nineteenth century. The amazing view of the mosque in the floodlights will mesmerize the visitors, and you can enjoy a peaceful time at this mosque.

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