Best Russian Ski Resorts

Ski resort is basically a resort which is made mainly for skiing, snowboarding and some winter games too. Ski resorts are mainly popular in the European countries or some other regions where there are possibilities of skiing or snowboarding. Ski resorts are reported to be present in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres except Antarctica. The ski resorts are basically constructed on the Mountains or High altitude covered with snow because they need high slopes and snow to perform the skiing.

There are different types ski resorts like:

The First generations (formed around summer resorts or village)
Second generations (developed from Non-tourist villages)
Third generations (developed having all the facilities to develop a ski resort)
Fourth generations (with the presence of a village nearby, more importantly dealing in traditional utilities)

Ski Resorts provide you all the fun that one needs in enjoying their vacation or the sports. Those resorts provide you safe skiing pathways with the presence of experienced guides. Some resorts provide indoor space along with outdoor swimming pools, hot bath tubs, cinema theatres, special rooms for gaming, pubs etc. Some other amazing runs like Dog Sledding, sledding on horse drawn sleds, skating on ice etc. There are facilities of Petrol pumps in many ski resorts and the travellers need not to worry about their petrol.

Russia has a number of Ski resorts that promote tourism. People all over the world visit those resorts to enjoy their holidays or to take part in the winter sports every year.

We have listed out some of the Best Ski Resorts in Russia:

1. Rosa Khutor Ski resort

Rosa Khutor Ski Resort Russia

Rosa Khutor Russian Ski Resort

Rosa Khutor is reported to be the largest Ski resort in all of Russia. Rosa Khutor facilitates a number of terrains which vary from gentle to steep ridges. It has longer pathways for skiing and snowboarding. It has a total slope length of about 102 km and the differences in elevations are 1569 m. There are high slopes of Alpine, some mogul slopes, large areas for practicing, slopes of Olympic formats, Snow parks etc. There are facilities for seperate special areas for children and families. There will be kindergarten skis, special toilets for children, schools for learning skiing for the children etc. Rosa Khutor is famous for the presence of the Olympic Men’s downhill run which was designed by Bernhard Russi.

2. Gazprom Mountain Ski Resort

Gazprom Mountain Ski Resort

This resort is located in southern Russia. The Gazprom ski resort is one of the famous ski resorts in Russia. The Gazpom Ski resort has a total slope length of 52.8 km and the elevation difference is about 1307 m. There are a total 23 lifts or cable cars available in this resort. The climate in which the resort falls varies. The snowfall occurs in some seasons of months but in some other seasons it may not. The Gazprom Mountain Skii resort resort is known for making artificial snow and the 50% of the slopes in this resort has this capability. This resort allows tourists to enjoy the night skiing. The longest pathway of the Gazprom Mountain ski resort is the E1-F5-F4 slopes with a length of 3.2 km and the elevation difference of about 526 m. The Gazprom Ski resort has good parking facilities and has a parking space of 1200 which is present underground.

3. Krasnaya Polyana Ski resort

Krasnaya Polyana Ski resort

The next in our list is the Krasnaya Polyana Ski resort with a slope length of about 30 km and an elevation difference of 1212 m. This resort has a total of 12 Lifts or cable cars and the length of the lift is about 10.9 km. The lift cars can accommodate a total number of 23040 Passengers per hour. The resort is available with artificial snow making mechanisms. Krasnaya Polyana Ski resort facilitates snow parks and fun parks for tourists.

4. Gorny Vozdukh Ski Resort

The Gorny Vozdukh Ski resort has a slope length of about 25km. The difference in elevations is 645 m and it has a total number of 7 Lifts or cable cars. The lift cars can carry 11850 passengers per hour and the length of the lift is about 8.7 km. The speciality about the resort is that they provide facilities: valley run, Artificial snow making and night skiing .

5. Mount Elbrus Ski resort

Elbrus Ski resort Russia

The Mount Elbrus Ski resort has a slope length of about 23 km and the difference in elevation is 1490 m. The number of lift cars or cable cars is 6. The total numbers of passengers the lift cars can carry are 7600 Passengers per hour. And the lift has a total length of 9.3 km. The Mount Elbrus Ski resort fetches valley run facilities too.

6. Arkhyz Ski Resort

The Arkhyz Ski resort has a slope length of 26.6km and they have a difference of elevation of about 854m. The number of lift or cable cars they possess are 6. The lift or the cable cars can carry around 13600 passengers per hour. The lifts have a length of about 10.3km. The resort provides the facilities of valley run and artificial snow making.

7. Holdomi Ski resort

The Holdomi ski resort has a total slope length of about 17.1km and the difference in the elevation is 492m. The total number of Lifts or cable cars are 3. The lift can carry about 3780 passengers per hour and the length of the cable car is 4.6km. Like other resorts they facilitate valley run and have artificial snow making systems.

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