Top 10 Best Russian Shipping (Transportation) Companies

Best Russian transport (logistics) companies

Free Lines Company is a freight forwarding company engaged in the transportation of all types of shipments from any country to any city in Russia, as well as within Russia, using cargo, sea, avia and railway transport. They deliver your freight from any continent to any place in Russia and offer a full range of services for its customs, clearance, and certification. This company works in 61 countries (Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia).

Sovtransavto (STA) is a group of companies, which includes transport and logistics companies in the territory of Russia, CIS, and Europe.

Main activities: transportation by road in Russia, CIS and European countries, including oversized cargo shipping; multimodal and intermodal transportation in South-East Asia, the US and other countries by any types of transport; railway transportation across Russia and Europe; foreign-economic activity outsourcing.

MEZHTRANSAVTO International Freight Forwarding Company (MTA) is one of the oldest transportation companies in Russia, and has provided services for more than 19 years. MEZHTRANSAVTO offers transportation of modular and general cargo delivery services from door-to-door from most countries of the world. Additionally, it offers services in warehousing, customs clearance and certification, and even insurance and consulting in the field of international transportation. The company has a network of representative offices and warehouses in Europe (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania), and China (Guangzhou, Shanghai) specializes in track, air transportation, and overseas container shipping.

TBN Logistics is part of a large international TBN GROUP holding company. It has been operating for more than 20 years. The company has its auto park, warehouses in Moscow, Shanghai, Riga, Hamburg, Hong Kong and a representative office in Shanghai.

Other 4PL/3PL logistics companies: Atlantic Cargo Company (ATL), MAXILOG, LCM Group, ZTM Logistics, V.I.G.Trans, EuroTransExpedition (ETE).

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