Best Russian Black Sea Resorts and Beaches 2021

Best Russian Black Sea Resorts 2021: Overview

The Black Sea coast is compared to paradise on Earth. Sea water, favorable climate, magnificent nature work wonders. They restore health, restore strength to adults and children. The Black Sea resorts are one of the main tourist destinations in Russia today. Cities and villages located on the Black Sea coast are centers of medical, sports, gastronomic, family and youth tourism.


The first thing people go to Sochi for is the climate. Just here the sea air saturated with iodine meets the rarefied mountain air and a unique mix of health is created. It is thanks to the mountains that a mild subtropical climate has been established here, there are no winds and climatic winters.

Anapa: Mediterranean climate, cyclones dominate in winter.

Gelendzhik: Dry Mediterranean climate, strong wind nord-ost in winter

Crimea: 3 climatic zones: temperate continental, sub-Mediterranean, subtropical

Metropolis and Locations

Some of the metropolis and locations are:


Sochi Russia Black Sea Resort

Sochi is one of the famous and biggest tourist trap metropolis. Another entitlement of municipality of this metropolis Sochi is Greater Sochi. 100 Kms is the length of Coastline. The arrondissement of the metropolis of Sochi is categorised into 4 realms. These include the district of Adler, district of Lazarevsky, Sochi district.

There are about 200 beaches, over 600 large hotels, 66 sanatoriums, a huge number of private boarding houses and hotels on the territory of the southern resort capital of Russia. Urban architecture is a mix of ancient monuments, Soviet buildings, ultramodern skyscrapers, one-story houses, sports facilities built for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


anapa russia black sea resort

It is located in the northwestern segment of the Coast of Russia named as Black Sea Coast.It is close to the marine of Azov and Crimea.Moscow is located at a distance of 1690 Kms from Anapa. In the northwestern part of the Black Sea coast of Russia, near the Crimea and the Sea of Azov.


lazarevskoye summer vacation sochi russia

The Sochi microdistrict at the foot of the Main Caucasian ridge has a unique landscape. A huge number of mountain rivers and springs are located on its territory. Here, history buffs are delighted with the magnificently preserved archaeological sites. Settlements on the territory of the village existed 4 thousand years ago, various peoples chose the area as their outpost.

It is natural that in Lazarevskoye, ancient monuments related to the Maikop and dolmen culture, Greek, Circassian, and Adyghe heritage are found everywhere. The microdistrict has many comfortable pebble beaches, 2 water parks, 4 dolphinariums. Lazarevskoye is considered the leader among the Sochi districts in terms of the number of hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums intended for family recreation. Read the article about my summer vacation in Lazarevskoye.

There are 3 museums in the microdistrict. Two of them are devoted to ethnography, national cultures, one – to the outstanding Soviet writer, whose name has become a symbol of fortitude: Nikolai Ostrovsky.


Yalta Crimea sea resort
Yalta is the most popular resort on the South Coast of Crimea. There are free and paid beaches. Yalta is crowded; lovers of a quiet holiday will hardly like it here.

Advantages and features of Yalta:

Mild climate. Summers are hot, but there is no depressing heat – thanks to light sea breezes. Little precipitation in summer. Water temperature from +22 to +27 ° C. The warmest sea is in August.

Beaches. Clean and well appointed. The beach season lasts from late May to late October.

Sights. There are many natural, historical and cultural attractions in Yalta, a lot of interesting things in the vicinity, from here it is easy to make excursions around the South Coast – everything is very close.

Entertainment. The city has a bustling life – many cafes, bars, restaurants, attractions, casinos.


Evpatoria Crimea Black Sea

Recently, Evpatoria has become one of the best Black Sea resorts. Many families with children travel to Evpatoria; it is also popular with large noisy companies.

Pros of vacation in Evpatoria:

Weather and sea. The temperature in Evpatoria is comfortable. In July, the average temperature is + 27 ° C. The sea warms up as much as possible in August – up to + 25 ° C.

Beaches. The main thing for which tourists come here are excellent sandy beaches. They are mostly paid, but there are also public ones.

Treatment. The resort base of Evpatoria has a unique climate that combines dry steppe air with moisture from the sea, mineral waters and healing mud.


The microdistrict within the city of Sochi has a unique flavor. On its territory there are thematic, Olympic, dendrological, ornithological parks. There is a monkey farm, an ostrich farm, and a trout farm. The most popular services in Adler’s sanatoriums are: medical and wellness procedures using silt mud and Matsesta water.

The microdistrict is distinguished by a variety of places for tourists. Small budget hostels, chain hotels, and elite private hotels operate on its territory. An important advantage of all tourist sites in Adler: the beaches are within walking distance from them. The life of the area is concentrated along the coast.

The number of attractions and recreation places in Adler is constantly increasing. The Olympic Embankment with its sports facilities is a living testament. The microdistrict is famous for its summer theater performances. Another gem of Adler: the regional museum with a huge number of unique exhibits.


Sevastopol Crimea Black Sea beach
Many people associate the hero city with the wars waged by Russia, memorials, museums, monuments in honor of the defenders of the Fatherland of different generations, ancient defensive structures, reconstructed by knightly tournaments. Sevastopol is also famous for its diving centers, recreation centers, sanatoriums, boarding houses, health centers, children’s camps. The city has 300 guest houses and hotels, numerous theaters and cinemas, 7 large parks, 4 swimming pools, a water park, a zoo.

A huge number of Christian churches, a Muslim mosque, and a Jewish synagogue operate on the territory of Sevastopol. The multinational city is distinguished by a developed transport infrastructure; ancient monuments here side by side with ultra-modern buildings. Sevastopol is literally buried in greenery. 150 squares and 9 boulevards, where unique representatives of flora grow, are also his business cards.

Reasons to go to the Russian Black Sea Resorts

There are so many reasons to go to the Russian Black Sea Resorts. Some of them that I would like to mention are as follows:

For having marineside enjoyment at the Sea entitled as Black Sea
For having a perfect and ideal time in popular resort realms
For having an unforgettable and mesmerizing encounter on the coast of ocean
For having a likelihood to explore the regions of Krasnodar and Crimea among environment
For experiencing voyage of distinction
For panoramic picturesque visions of the marine coast
Memorable experience
For discovering the famous tourist trap realm
For the superiority of nature
For have a superior time with your close ones
For experiencing the distinct and brilliant stay in the resorts of the regions of Krasnodar
For having enjoyment and fun
For having relaxation from your city life that is boring and tiring

Things to pack for Russian Black Sea Resorts:

It is essential to carry all those things that you will be requiring at the tourist traps. These things include:
Casual clothing that is superior and better in quality
Sunscreen cream
First aid pouch
Hats and caps
Nightdress which is comfortable for you
Few normal clothes
Extra pair of shoes
Driving license
Personal medicine that you are taking on day to day basis
Bottle that is filled with water
medicine for headache
pain relief medications
Lip balm
Powerbank so that mobile phone can be charged
Items that you can eat during the trip like nuts and chocolates

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