Best Free English to Russian Online Translation Websites/Apps

How to translate your text from English to Russian or Russian to English? What is the best, most accurate text/voice Russian to English, English to Russian online translator?

Modern online translators have significantly expanded their capabilities. Their creators are constantly improving the product. Each translating website uses its own algorithms, but the goal is the same – to provide you accurate translation. Unfortunately, not all programs deal with it. Therefore, it is important when choosing to consider how correct the translation is in result: whether all the sentences are consistent with each other and statement logic is followed.

We have compiled a list of the Best free Russian/English websites/online translators/apps 2021. Choose the appropriate option for yourself and share your opinion in the comments.

1) Google Translate

Probably it’s the most popular machine translation service, and at the same time the most often criticized. It is absolutely in vain! Developing a platform to translate text without errors is an incredibly complex task, and Google is coping well with it.

Currently, more than 100 languages ​​are available, and new ones are constantly being added. You can print text, download a document or translate a web page by entering its URL.

The mobile application allows you to recognize not only the printed text and voice, but also handwritten characters, as well as translate marks and inscriptions by pointing the device camera at them.

2) Yandex.Translate

It is less popular than Google’s online translator. But it seems to be a high-quality machine translation system. At the moment, 95 languages ​​are supported by the service. There are two modes of operation: translation of texts and translation of web pages. Features include automatic language detection, instant translation (as you type), typing tips and typos, and a very good machine dictionary that allows you to view detailed vocabulary articles with translation options, examples of vocabulary usage in different contexts and grammatical comments.

Yandex.Translate is available for various mobile devices, offline translation is possible for Android and iOS.


The first Russian machine translation service, created in 1998 by PROMPT, using its own linguistic technologies. It is one of the most popular online translators in RuNet. PROMT translation systems and dictionaries provide translation for several dozen language pairs, supporting up to 19 languages. Here you can also find a text translator, website translator, dictionary and mobile translator. For site owners and webmasters, the service offers various HTML forms that can be installed free of charge on the site to automatically translate their content into different languages.

4) Multitran

Today it is one of the most complete automatic translation service in RuNet. Web version and offline for PC are available. Every day this service is visited by more than 90 thousand users, more than 1.5 ml requests are processed. The translation technology is implemented through statistical data: scanning and processing paper dictionaries and combining the obtained data into a single database.

5) Reverso

Online Translation Service that supports 13 languages. There are mobile and desktop versions. The translator is not designed to translate specific terms, but copes well with simple texts, without slang. Translates texts, documents, web pages, while maintaining the original format. English and French grammar checks are performed. is free.

6) ABBYY Lingvo Live

This service is not suitable for translation of large-scale texts. Basically, it is designed to work with words and phrases. You can translate to Russian from 20 languages. It is quite convenient to work with this translation service.

Among the functions of this site is not only translation, but pronunciation. That is, if you do not understand the transcriptions, you can hear it live.

7) Bing Microsoft Translator

Standard online translator from Microsoft with support for up to 60 languages. It has a mobile version. Suitable for translating texts, voice messages, screenshots, texts from photos. Translation is carried out even synchronously, with direct voice input of the text. There is a database of synonyms, built-in phrasebooks, tips for correct pronunciation. The application is free.

8) Babylon Offline Software Translator

Quite a famous translator that allows you to work with more than 75 languages, and uses almost 2000 dictionaries and glossaries. The translator can be used online, but it is more convenient to download and install it on PC. The program is free for individual users. There are paid solutions for business. The site also has a thesaurus, a collection of online dictionaries and tools for webmasters.

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