Best Floating Restaurants Around The World

Food is a basic necessity for sure, but there are few (well a lot) individuals who daydream about the tempting food that comes across social media. And God forbid if they decide to go for a bite in one of their dream eateries, they stay hungry until satisfied. How do I know about all this? Well, because I am one of such kind. We are known as FOODIES by the way.

While people have their core focus on the food, they are gulping in. The ambiance plays a vital role too. Because great food and a great view are all, you need to make the time special. And if the scene in front of you is the majestic sea you can instantly fall in love with everything around.

Here is a list of few restaurants from around the globe you must not miss.


Ps Tattershall Castle is a floating restaurant in London on the River Thames. She was a passenger ferry back in 1934 till 1973 and was used in world war second for carrying troops and supplies. The ship was retired in 1976 and turned into an art gallery but later was given to Chef & Brew group. Ps Tattershall Castle till date serves mouth-watering food and a perfect view of London eye making it an attractive location with an extensive menu. It serves barbeque to its customers in summer. Do not miss it if you are planning to go London.


Bbq donut in Germany is not something you see every day; it is one of its kinds. It is a very cozy donut shaped boat which allows ten people to aboard at a time. You can ride her under a marked territory as per your choice. If anybody is looking for a birthday party or a bachelors\bachelorette party to host, just go to this oh so fantastic place to make the time count or else you may regret. If you are a kayaking fan, you would surely love this too.


KETTUVALLAMS floating restaurant

Kettuvallams or the boat with knots can be found in Kerala. What so great about this beauty except with the traditional South Indian food is the fact that this vessel is entirely assembled be the knots, not a single nail is holding this beauty.


Nusa Penida is located near Indonesia`s Bali Island just off Toya Pakeh beach. This pontoon restaurant has a variety of dishes you can satisfy your temptations.


This exquisite beauty is another example of how beautifully construct Dubai is. While building her, the designer sure kept the class of its customers intact and considered everyone from the audience, as this restaurant allows you to choose your table in an air-conditioned middle deck or open air. Because let`s accept it, not everyone likes the same things. This restaurant offers Arabian, European and Asian cuisine in its buffet, while a singer is singing in the background.


With delicate ambiance and delicious food, this restaurant is located in Karachi. While the Sea in your view you can enjoy their full range of cuisine. Their specialty is buffet dining cruise. You FLOAT while you EAT.

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