Most Popular Soviet & Russian Punk Rock Bands

It is generally accepted that “Automatic Satisfiers” (“AU”) was the first punk band in the USSR. Its leader and founder, Andrei “Svin” Panov, was the first Soviet punk. A punk, not a punk rocker. Sure, Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli (Automatic Satisfies) released albums and even toured the country, but Svin didn’t put music first. The main thing for him was the very spirit of rebellion and a disregard for the surrounding reality. As befits punks, the musicians of the “Automatic Satisfiers” did not try to improve their talents and just tried to play harmoniously, which, to be honest, they did not always succeed. However, Svin’s songs struck at that time with their novelty and acted magically on the fragile minds of Soviet youth, giving rise to a whole mass of imitators

Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli russian punk rock

Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli (Автоматические удовлетворители, АУ) is a punk-rock band from Leningrad. Pioneers of Russian punk rock music, they skillfully combined an aesthetic conception of punk as a philosophy of anarchy and rebelled against the modern society, sticking to Russian tradition of local folklore. Andrey Pavnov, a former student of the St. Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy, impressed by articles about new musical fashion in the summer of 1979, formed Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli. He chose the scenic name Swine (Свин), he gathered young punks and named the band Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli.

Автоматические Удовлетворители — Асса

However, the band existed solely as an ideological movement then, due to the fact that the band’s image and actions were much too radical for the conservative underground scene of the time.

korol i shut band

Korol’ i Shut (The King and the Jester) is a popular Russian punk-rock band making music in the genre of horror. The band became popular among Russian teenagers due to its style of performance unusual for punk-rock: Lyrics representing fantasy-stories in the horror-style, usually mystical and historical completed stories are put on rhythmical punk-rock music.

Korol’ i Shut’s scenic image includes frightening make-up corresponding to subjects of their songs. The band formed in Leningrad in 1988. It became a cult rock band quickly.
Purgen Russian punk-rock band

Purgen is a Moscow musical band playing in the style of punk rock, and then in the style of hardcore punk and crossover thrash. The band formed in 1989. Ruslan “Purgen” Gvozdev is the lead singer and permanent leader.

The band formed in 1989, inspired by listening to the Dead Kennedys and The Exploited, by people who had never played any musical instruments. At first the band was called Lenin-Samotyk and consisted of two members – Purgen (Ruslan “Purgen” Gvozdev) and Chikatila (Gennady Filimonov), later the drummer Akkumulyator joined them. The band released eleven albums.

Konstantin Stupin Russian rocker

Konstantin Stupin is the last Russian punk-rocker

Konstantin Valentinovich Stupin (Константин Ступин) is Soviet and Russian rock musician, poet, songwriter, author and performer of over two hundred songs. He was born in 06/09/1972 in the family of a military man. He lived in Orel. At school, he was known as a hooligan, but had a rolling bass, which is why he got into the school ensemble, which later grew into the Ночная трость (Night Cane) band. He spent 9 years in a prison. After several unsuccessful attempts to revive the old band, he decided to pursue a solo career.

The fame and popularity of Konstantin Stupin (Stupa), an absolutely brilliant rock musician from Orel, who died in March 2017, literally a few months before he was 45, is just gaining momentum today. His videos on YouTube are gaining from half a million to almost five million views. Stupin’s music is real rock. He is not only one of the best Russian rock poets, but also a true rock composer.


Sektor Gaza Russian punk

The rock band Sektor Gaza formed on December 5, 1987 in Voronezh. It was named after the environmentally harmful district of Voronezh in which there were many factories. At that time Soviet media discussed the Palestinian problem in different keys and that’s why apparently the district was nimbly named Sektor Gaza.

The group’s lyrics are full of swear words and the heroes of the songs are common people with a low level of culture. The singer and song writer Yuri Klinskikh referred to his creativity as the style fusion. Also Klinskikh’s creativity has an army topic which is presented in the songs Demobilizacia and Pora domoy. Their fourth official album is called Колхозный панк (Kolkhozniy Pank – Collective Farm Punk).

F.P.G puck rock band

F.P.G (Fair Play Gang) formed in 1993, and a couple of years later they already played their first concert. They presented their debut album in 1996. The band has released six studio albums, two live albums and one split work. At the very beginning of the 2000s, young but determined band F.P.G managed to record the reference punk-rock album “Racers”. It was with him that the long history of success of the Nizhny Novgorod rebels began: the first rotations on the radio, clips, tours, performances at major festivals and the recognition of colleagues. Uncompromising, impudent and cynical, but with a tremendous sense of humor – such “Racers” are known and loved by fans of real Russian punk rock.

Grazhdanskaya Oborona GO Russian band

Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Гражданская оборона, сокращенно ГрОб» или «ГО») is a Soviet and Russian rock band. Yegor Letov and his like-minded friends worked within the framework of the Posev project, a group which attempted to cross punk music with garage and psychedelic rock. Posev preceded the formation of Grazhdanskaya Oborona. The band released 23 official and a numerous number of unofficial albums. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of Grazhdanskaya Oborona’s songs are very sombre and can be quite heavy for an unprepared listener.

“Все идёт по плану” is their most popular song

Brigadny podryad band

Brigadny podryad’s lyrics are of life, simple, and even too sincere at times. Brigadny podryad formed way back in 1986. Brigadny podryad released fifteen studio albums. The members of Brigadny podryad worked with famous Russian rock groups. Many of their songs became a part of the legendary group Korol’ i Shut’s creative work.

Also the members of band wrote the song Popsa for Yuriy Shevchuk and the group DDT. At one time Sex Pistols took an interest in Brigadny podryad’s creativity.

Tarakany Russian punk band

Tarakany is a Russian punk-rock band. Actual topics are raised in the group’s lyrics. A standard punk protest, social opposition, thoughts of the eternal, love, friendship, and happiness are here. The group was formed by pupils of a Moscow school during May of 1991.

Its 1997 album was popular. Tarakany intentionally started escaping from Russian rock’s elements in their album of 2002, filling up their songs with rock-n-roll and pop punk with features of metal. In 2005, they went on a grandiose tour of over 12 countries. The group has released 12 studio albums.

The other Russian punk-rock bands: Последние танки в Париже, План Ломоносова, Йорш.

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