Famous Russian Political Quotes

Great people and politicians go down in history not only due to their actions but also due to troublesome statements.

Politicians say funny phrases. Incautious statements can become metaphors. Brilliant ones can become memes.

It’s that case when we couldn’t say better.

Russian Prime-Minister Dmitriy Medvedev’s statement takes the first place in the unofficial rating of the brightest statements of politicians. The head of the government told Feodosiyan people during his trip to the Crimea in 2016, “There is no money now. Hold on! All the best! Have fun! Take care!” This epic phrase spread on the net immediately.

Victor Chernomyrdin was a Prime Minister of Russia. He was also famous for outstanding statements which have been quoted so far. One of them is, “This has never happened, but now it happened again!” Also he said, “We wanted to do it better, but it turned out to be as always.”

In 1999 Vladimir Putin, being a prime-minister, had said a phrase which became legendary. The statement related to terrorists. He said, “We’ll bump them off in a restroom in the end.” Also everybody remembers his phrase “I shall be brief.”

The first president of Russia Boris Eltsin announced about his resignation in a New Year address to the citizens in 1999. Eltsin didn’t say openly that he was tired. But he repeated four times, “I’m gone.” The famous phrase “I’m tired. I’m gone.” was born during that speech.

The General Secretary of the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) Leonid Brezhnev said extraordinary phrases extremely often. The phrase “Economics should be economical” became popular due to its sense load.

Sergey Shoygu is a General of the army. He has been Minister of Defence since 2012. His popular saying goes, “It’s hard to find a black cat in a dark room especially if it’s not there. It’s particularly silly if the cat is clever, brave and polite.”

Vitaly Milonov is a Russian politician. He became a Member of the State Duma in 2016. He is famous for fighting against gays in Russia. When he spoke about the article of civil law about the registration of comradeship between two people of any sex provided that they’re living together and keeping house together he said, “There are no gays in Russia. We have another word for this problem.”

Nicholas I who was the Emperor of Russia is also famous for the statement, “Russia has two troubles which are fools and roads.”

Alexander III was the Emperor of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland and King of Poland. He said, “Russia only has two allies which are the army and the fleet.”

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