Famous Russian Guitarists. Best Russian Virtuoso Guitar Players


Sergei Orekhov was an outstanding Russian seven-stringed guitarist (he also mastered the six-stringed guitar, but didn’t perform with it). He combined a transcendent genius of being an improvisator, performer, and composer. He contributed to the creation of Russian national guitar repertoire. He is an author of numerous adaptations for the guitar playing of Russian folk songs and romances.

Even a disease to his arms, the result of precocious atherosclerosis, didn’t prevent his career.

Orekhov gave solo guitar concerts at many foreign countries: Germany, Poland, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and France.

He said, “A seven-stringed guitar is so folk. It’s a war and literary guitar… Look at any sectors of society: a seven-stringed guitar is a native instrument, which a Russian is connected with.”


Victor Zinchuk‘s awards and titles can be listed infinitely, but an aspiration for carrying the amazing and charming world of music to the audience was always the main thing for the Maestro. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, and Mozart’s classics alternate with traditional melodies of Celtic culture and favorite works of the XX century, deservedly considered as the classics already today.

Zinchuk has gone towards his repertory all his life.

Zinchuk is a Guinness Book of Records’ record-holder. He is the most highly skilled guitarist in the world (the fastest performance of the musical composition Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov – 20 notes a second).


Vladimir Holstinin is a Russian musician, guitarist, and composer. He is known as a creator, leader, the only longstanding singer of the heavy-metal group Aria, and the author of a considerable part of its compositions. Holstinin uses primarily the brand Fender Stratocaster’s guitars. For now his collection of electric guitars counts more than 80 instruments. He quotes Nietzsche and Camus, whistles Wagner and Orff, runs through Deep Purple, and wins at chess.


Sergey Mavrin is a guitarist-virtuoso and composer, also known under the pseudonym Mavric. He was declared as the best Russian guitarist at the festival Krylia. He became famous due to participation in the group Aria, where he stood out for his distinctive style of playing the electro guitar. He learned to play the keyboard instruments and guitar by himself.

Mavrin is known by his physically unusual technique of playing the guitar, being called by fans “mavring” by analogy with tapping. Sergey himself uses the other common name – the «touch-style».


Valery Gaina hardly needs an introduction. He is a guitarist-virtuoso, one of the first Russian popularizers of the rock guitar, and a creator of the very famous in the 80s group Kruiz. His creative career counts more than 25 years, and his name became a brand-name. His performing manner stays absolutely recognizable and inimitable. He plays in the styles of hard rock, heavy metal, metal, and trash metal. His second solo album S kem ti igraesh i poesh?, released in 2008, doesn’t differ from the style of the debut disk Snova tvoy and it reflects his contemporary musical outlook. He actively tours over Russia.


DiDuLa is a guitarist-virtuoso, composer, and leader of the same name instrumental group, who plays music in style diapason from neo-flamenco to rock and folk. DiDuLa is the most famous instrumentalist in Russia. The group DiDuLa belongs to the top 5 most touring Russian groups. It holds about 150 live large-scale full house shows a year with extensive geography of performances on the territory of Russia and foreign countries.

DiDuLa is an ancient Belarusian surname and simultaneously scenic pseudonym.

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