The Mosaic Courtyard. Instagrammable Unusual Place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Mosaic courtyard in Saint Petersburg Russia

Mosaic courtyard in St. Petersburg Russia

The original courtyard with the colorful mosaic is located in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia, near the Fontanka River, Tchaikovsky Street 2/7. It’s Instagrammable and unusual place to visit in Saint-Petersburg.

Every courtyard differs from other ones. A distinctive feature of this courtyard is that the walls of houses, playground, flower beds, benches, sundial, and statues are covered with mosaic!

A layman can consider it as a miracle, but it’s easy to find the explanation of this – this courtyard is located in front of the Small Academy of Arts. The students created a bright spot, which residents and visitors call the ” Mosaic Universe”, under the leadership of the Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Lubenko.

These days visitors of the Mosaic Courtyard are not only tourists, who are interested not only in the well-known sights of the city on the Neva river, but couples who find a special charm and romance in such an unusual place.

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