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Russian actors, who play bad guys


Vladimir Vdovichenkov is one of the most outstanding actors of Russian cinema. He followed a big path from hero of the series Brigada to acting in serious films like Leviafan, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. After school, Vdovichenkov decided to be a seaman and enrolled at Kronstadt Naval School. Then he served in the North and Baltic Sea for 4 years.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov’s image is associated with crime due to his role of Fil in the film Brigada. After that successful project the film Bumer followed where he played the main role. Later Vdovichenkov tried to distance himself from gangster roles He played in the film adaptation of the Dostoevsky novel Besy and also played one of the main roles in the film Taras Bulba.

russian actor bad guy

Great actor and honoured artist of the Russian Federation, charismatic Andrei Panin gained popularity after releasing the cult Russian TV-series Brigada where he played the main villain. Panin has more than 70 films and series are to his name, not counting successful theatre work and work as a director.

Сuriously enough, sometimes a “bad boy” causes even greater sympathy from the audience than a cute “hero”.

All of Andrei’s ‘bad’ characters were a hit, as critics say. “Scoundrel”, red-tape-monger Saveliev from Voditel dlya Very played by Panin left his mark on the history of cinematography. Terrorist Zorz in the film Vsadnik po imeni Smert and banker Vahit Valiev in Boy s teniyu were his most notable roles.


In cinematography, Igor Lifanov is known for roles in the series Agent natsionalnoi bezopasnosti, Ulitci razbitih fonarej, Banditskiy Peterburg, Spetsnaz, and Po imeni Baron. In cinema, Igor had to play “bad guys” and villains and that’s why he became a star of gangster series and films about war.

At the same time his heroes often have some negative charm. Igor understands what danger it can bring: «I feel sad that gangsters became an embodiment of manliness».

Lifanov worked in the troupe of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre for more than 10 years. But in 2003 he left the theatre since he considered his roles to be minor. The actor constantly received roles of soldiers, killers and guards because of his pronounced male charisma.


Dmitriy Nagiev has grown accustomed to playing roles of “bad guys”. He is a remarkable figure of Russian cinematography, where he firstly became famous as an actor in the series genre. He acted in the series Kamenskaya, Uboynaya sila, Krot, Russkii spetsnaz, and others.

Dmitriy made his debut in cinema in 1997. He unexpectedly acted in the pretty controversial and very naturalistic film Chistilische directed by the once very popular TV reporter Aleksandr Nevzorov in a role of a Chechen field commander. In one of his interviews Nagiev confessed that he knows the gangster life of the early 90s Petersburg, and not by hearsay.

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