5 Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Charter

Best Fishing Charter

Vacations entail a lot of merrymaking and having fun. Holidaymakers, newly married couples, and families need to have perfect relaxation time during their vacation. Holidays bring people together, create new relationships, and heal broken bonds. There are so many destinations that individuals can consider for their vacations, that suit their budget and time frame. One […]

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Bank Clearing Code Russia. Bank Clearing Number Russian Banks

Bank clearing number (BC number) and IBAN are not used in the Russian Federation. Use Russian bank identification code (BIC/SWIFT) instead of Bank clearing code. Bank identification code is necessary to determine branch of a credit organization that participates in settlements in the Russian Federation and its territorial location. All BICs are collected in a […]

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Largest Multinational Corporations, Business Groups in Russia

More and more Russian companies become international corporations. Of course, the Russian multinationals aren’t as globalized as world leading multinational corporations, which work on emerging markets and characterized by diversification in the economic sector. Activities of Russian multinational corporations are limited by certain sectors of the economy in which they have a competitive advantage. For […]

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