Best Free English to Russian Online Translation Websites/Apps 2019

Best English-Russian online translators

How to translate your text from English to Russian or Russian to English? What is the best, most accurate text/ voice English to Russian online translator? Modern online translators have significantly expanded their capabilities. Their creators are constantly improving the product. Each translating website uses its own algorithms, but the goal is the same – […]

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Why Are Russian Subways So Deep in Moscow and St. Petersburg? Russian Metro Depth

Why Russian subways are so deep? This explains by geological conditions: Moskva river in Moscow, Neva river and swampy ground in St. Peterburg. Constructors had to dig subway tunnels under the rivers. Russian metro depth Most station depth rarely exceeds 50 meters in Moscow, average depth in Petersburg is 60 meters. Admiralteyskaya (86 metres (282 […]

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