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Best Value Hotels in Moscow Near City Center (Kremlin and Red Square)

Affordable and Beautiful Hotels in Moscow with good location: Winewood Moscow Lounge Hotel “Winewood Moscow Lounge Hotel” is located in a vibrant neighborhood. Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station is a three-minute walk away. You can’t find a better place to get to the Moscow Zoo and Patriarshiye Ponds as quickly as possible. You will… Read More »

Russian For Cheers

“Cheers!” means “За ваше здоровье!” (“Za vashe zdarov’e!”). When you propose a toast to smb.’s health, you say this phrase. “Cheers!” is also “Спасибо!” (“Spasiba!”), “Ура!” (“Ura!”) and “Пока!” (“Paka!”) in Russian. “Спасибо!” (“Thank you!”) and “Пока!” (“Bye!”) are interjections from the field of etiquette. “Spasiba” expresses gratitude. “Paka!” is a greeting which you use… Read More »

How Are You in Russian Slang

“How are you?” is “Как делишки?” (“Kak delishki?”) in Russian if it’s an informal phrase (slang). You can use it with your friends and buddies. But basically, schoolchildren and teenagers only use it. An adult can say it to his friends or children to show that he is on friendly terms with them. Also “How… Read More »

I’m Learning Russian in Russian

“I’m learning Russian” means “Я учу русский” (“Ya uchu russkiy”). You can go into detail and say, “I’m learning Russian by myself” which means “Я учу русский самостоятельно” (“Ya uchu russkiy samostoyatel’no”). “I’m studying Russian with a tutor” is “Я учу русский с репетитором” (“Ya uchu russkiy s repetitorom”). “I’m taking Russian lessons” is “Я… Read More »

My in Russian

“My” means “мой, моя, моё” (“moy, moya, moyo”) in Russian. If we are speaking about a female, we say “моя” (“moya”), about a male – “мой” (“moy”), about a neuter gender – “моё” (“moyo”). In some cases “my” can be translated like “свой” (“svoy”). But there is no this possessive pronoun in the English language.… Read More »

– Is – in Russian

“Is” means “является” (“yavlyaetsya”) или “находится” (“nakhoditsya”) in Russian. But this verb is omitted in the Russian language. If you mean “I’m at home” you say, “Я дома” (“Ya doma.”) instead of “Я нахожусь дома” (“Ya nakhozhus’ doma”.). If you mean “I’m a teacher” you say, “Я учитель” (“Ya uchitel’”.) instead of “Я являюсь учителем”… Read More »

How Are You in Russian Formal Phrases

“How are you?” is “Как дела?” (“Kak dela?”) in Russian. You can emphasize “Как дела на работе?”. It means “How is work going?”. This question can be used with friends and acquaintances. If you are addressing a person in a formal situation, it would be better to say, “Как у Вас дела?” (“Kak u Vas… Read More »

Are You From Russia in Russian

“Are you from Russia?” means “Ты из России?” (“Ty iz Rossii?”) in Russian. You also can ask whether a person is Russian. “Are you Russian?” is “Ты русский?” (“Ty russkiy?”) in Russian. But it’s not a correct question in some way in Russia since there are about 200 peoples there. So technically a person is… Read More »

Russian Banya: History, Traditions, Health Benefits. Russian Bath House

In Russian fairytales Ivanushka asks Baba-Yaga for steaming in a banya first and then to ask him questions. These concepts about hospitality have been kept to our time. You can find records of “myl’nya” (which is a derivative of a “mylo” (a soap)) in the ancient chronicles of XI-XII centuries in which there is a… Read More »

5 Tips for Traveling to the Caribbean from Eastern Europe

Ever thought about traveling to the Caribbean? If so, perhaps it’s time for you to pay a visit. The Caribbean is one of the world’s most stunning destinations, and happens to hit best-of destination lists year after year. There are loads of reasons to travel to the Caribbean, from its history and its culture to… Read More »

Top 10 Cheap & Good Hostels in The Centre of Moscow (near Red Square)

There are hostels in the heart of Moscow under $6 a night for a dorm bed. An average double private room price is about $20.These hostels are a short walk from the main world-famous attractions. That’s what you need, if you are looking for comfort at an affordable price. Hostel “Good mood” (“Гуд муд”)… Read More »