Are You Single in Russian

“Are you single?” is “Ты свободна?” (“Ty svobodna?”) or “Ты не замужем?” (“Ty ne zamuzhem? ”) in Russian. You can ask like that if you address a woman. You should ask, “Ты свободен?” (“Ty svoboden?”) or “Ты не женат?” (“Ty ne zhenat?”), if you are talking to a man. “Single” also means “одинокий” (“odinokiy”). It has a negative connotation. It means “lonely”.

So it’s not polite and appropriate ask whether a person is lonely (“Ты одинок?”, “Ty odinok?” or “Ты одинока?”, “Ty odinoka?” if you ask a woman). Only if a person wants to answer like that themselves. “Ty zamuzhem?” – “Ya odinoka” (“Are you married?” “I’m single” (which can mean “lonely” in this case).

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