Are you OK in Russian

“Are you OK?” is “Ты в порядке?” (“Ty v poryadke?”) in Russian. The answer can be “Yes, I am” (“Да”, “Da”), “No, I’m not” (“Нет”, “Net”), or “Not exactly” (“Не совсем”, “Ne sovsem” ). It also means “У тебя все хорошо?” (“U tebya vsyo horosho?”). The answer can be “Yes” (“Да”, “Da”), “No” (“Нет”, “Net”), “Not exactly” (“Не совсем”, “Ne sovsem” ), “Pretty much” (“Вполне”, “Vpolne”) or “So-so” (“Так себе”, “Tak sebe”). You can ask it in this friendly casual way your acquaintances, friends, and well-known to you people.

You can ask an unknown to you person “Are you OK?” (“Вы в порядке?” (“Vy v poryadke?”)), when something bad has happened to them. There is a trace of anxiety in this expression of speech etiquette.

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