Are You Hungry in Russian

“Hungry” is “голодный” (“golodniy”) in Russian. “Голодный” (“golodniy”) is an all-Slavic word. It originated from the word “жаждать” (“zhazhdat’”) which is “thirst” in English. “Are you hungry?” is “Ты голоден?” (“Ty goloden?”) in Russian. Also it means “Хочешь есть?” (“Xochesh’ est’?”). But you can be more specific and say “Будешь завтракать?” (“Budesh zavtrakat’?”) (“Do you want some breakfast?”) or “Будешь обедать?” (“Budesh obedat’?”) (“Do you want some lunch?”).

“Are you starving?” is “Ты умираешь от голода?” (“Ty umiraesh’ ot goloda?”), “Ты сильно хочешь есть?” (“Ty sil’no hoshesh’ est’?”) or “Ты проголодался?” (“Ty progolodalsya?”).

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