Ancient Pyramids in Kola Peninsula Russia. Hyperborea civilization

Ancient Pyramids in Kola Peninsula Russia

The oldest pyramids in the world, discovered on the Kola Peninsula, confirm the existence of an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia. The civilization is much older than the Egyptian civilization. Archaeological excavations of the pyramids, which are at least 2 times older than the Egyptian ones, have been resumed on the Kola Peninsula. It is still not known by whom they were built.

mysterious pyramids

Russian pyramids found

The Kola Peninsula is a peninsula in the northwest of the European part of Russia in the Murmansk region. It is washed by the Barents and White Seas. The area is about 100 thousand km2. There is tundra vegetation in the north, forest-tundra and taiga in the south. The climate of the peninsula is moderately cold.

The oldest pyramids in the world, discovered on the Kola Peninsula, confirm the existence of the legendary Hyperborea. The Kola Peninsula has recently become a Mecca for researchers and hunters for scientific discoveries.

pyramids in kola russia

pyramids in russia

kola pyramids in russia

ancient civilizations in russia

The Kola Peninsula may turn out to be the ancestral home of one of the most ancient world civilizations. This is stated by scientists who made a scientific expedition to the abandoned pyramids of the Russian North. Amazing pyramids and huge stone slabs made by artificial means from 9,000 to 40,000 years ago, discovered on the Kola Peninsula, are a strong argument in favor of the existence of an ancient civilization in this area.

stone throne

Stone throne

“We took a special device on the expedition, the most modern geophysical equipment the Oko georadar,” Volkov continued. – It “shines through” the inner space of any objects, like an X-ray. The conclusion of geologists was unambiguous: the elevations are of an anthropogenic nature, therefore, these are not natural hills, but pyramids are the creation of human hands”.

Scientists have found that the pyramids are in the East – West direction. Moreover, they were rebuilt three times: the ancient people constantly built them up in height.

hyperborea map

Hyperborea objects were built in accordance with the position of the stars in the constellation “Orion”

In terms of its functional purpose, the pyramid is an accurate observatory that allows you to follow the starry sky. By fairly simple methods, a system was created with the help of which our ancestors recorded galactic changes and studied the Cosmos. In addition, the shape of the pyramids resembles the legendary Mount Meru, the “axis of the world”, which is mentioned under different names in various mythologies and world religions..

ancient symbol of hyperborea

Ancient symbol of Hyperborea

labyrinth russia

Specialists in the study of the indigenous peoples of the Kola Peninsula, as well as travelers, note that they managed to find more than 40 labyrinths of this type in the Murmansk region.

kanozero petroglyphs

Neolithic rock drawings (petroglyphs) on the three islands of Kanozero in the Murmansk region was discovered only in the late 1990s. The word petroglyph comes from two Ancient Greek words: petra means rock, and glyph, which means to carve.


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