Amazing Weekend in Karelia

Karelia is the place where nature and Russian brides are the main attractions. You will be able to enjoy the rest on the shore of the lake, climbing to the top of the mountain, boating and to have pleasant talks with some charming Russian girls. The way from St. Petersburg will take 4 hours by car, and you find yourself among the rocks and the many lakes that surround the road sometimes on the right-hand side and another time, on the left-hand side. The road is like a mountain serpentine with unexpected turns and elevations. If you drive in a company of some beautiful women, you will be asked for a stop almost every 500 meters, so it will not be difficult to find a picturesque place for a picnic. You can arrange a small halt on the rock, admiring the winding route, and go to the first must-visit place, Ruskeala Mountain Park.

Ruskeala Mountain Park.

The main place in the park is the Marble Quarry, whose history dates back to the 18th century. That was the first time when people began to mine marble. Now, the quarry is filled with groundwater, and marble is no longer mined here. This is an amazingly beautiful place with steep marble rocks along the banks and crystal-clear water of a greenish-blue color. The color of the water is simply mesmerizing!

The quarry can be viewed from above, there is a picturesque path along it, from which you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the grottoes and caves. If you are going to visit this unique amazing place from May to September, you will be able to rent a boat to see a quarry from the water and swim in the grottoes. If you are one of those extreme lovers who doesn’t imagine their trip without something special that can frighten some other people, you will not be disappointed. Here, it is possible to get down the rope or go bungee-jumping. Besides, you will find ropes that are stretched between the opposite banks of the Marble Quarry, so, you will be able to experience the zip line. The quarry is very popular among divers because visibility reaches 12 meters here.

In order not to hurry and enjoy the views to the fullest, it is better to devote the whole day to a trip to the park. Especially, if you are going not just to walk but also to go boating.

Where to stay in.

When you plan a trip, you are surely looking for the perfect place in all respects to stay in. There are two great options, you can stay either in Winter’s Dacha or Soul Camp. If you are looking for complete solitude with nature, and the weather allows you such luxury, you should better choose the second option.

Soul Camp is a comfortable campsite on the shores of a forest lake, with spacious tents and a bath on the island. Here is an amazing atmosphere, you will be able to see the sunrise on a hammock at the very shore of the lake or see an incredible sunset, taking a boat on the pier. In the evening, you will be able to grill meat and sit by the fire. In the morning, you will be served a hearty and healthy breakfast with fruits, and you will be offered to work out yoga for donation. Staff and guests are very friendly, and sometimes, it seems that all visitors are with dogs. There are four of them in the campsite.

You will be able to spend a wonderful day in Soul Camp, enjoying a forest lake, a peaceful atmosphere, and the most charming company.

There is something particularly inviting in this untouched nature and endless forests. If you have a chance to travel by car, this will add some romanticism to this trip. Karelia awakens new sensations, gives a sense of freedom and possibility to meet wonderful girls who will remain in your memory for a long time and, perhaps, will make you come back.

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