Alternative Things to Do in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have already experienced the atmosphere of the city, seen the main attractions, then try an alternative scenario of pastime with wonderful brides from Russia. It is the second level for those who has passed the first level, including all of the main sights.

1. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.

Having walked a lot through the endless number of halls and corridors of the Hermitage in search of inspiration in classical art, you can join the contemporary art. In St. Petersburg, you can find the largest international project in this field, Erarta.

Of particular interest are the total installations of U-Space, the art spaces that allow you to stay alone for 15 minutes and immerse yourself in a certain atmosphere, you will be able to choose one of 8 scenarios.

2. The Faberge Museum.

This is even a younger place in comparison with “Erarta” for art lovers. The world’s largest private collection of Russian applied arts and crafts of the 19-20th centuries can be viewed in the historical center of St. Petersburg, the Shuvalov Palace on the Fontanka embankment. The place where the museum is located is impressive in itself. On the one hand, you have constantly to be distracted from the exhibits in order to examine more closely the luxurious interiors, and, on the other hand, this furnishing allows you to forget that you live in the 21st century, and to believe in the existence of a time machine. For example, the Imperial Easter series of eggs by Carl Faberge is presented in a blue living room, which impresses with the richness of finishes: blue silk with a silvery pattern on the walls, an abundance of gilded molding, a marble fireplace and columns, high mirrors.

3. Mariinsky-2 (New Stage.)

There is an elegant interior behind the restrained exterior: a marble floor, illuminated walls of onyx of warm-yellow color, crystal chandeliers and panoramic windows overlooking the city. The final understanding that you are in the theater comes in the hall that is curved, like a horseshoe, consisting of three tiers of balconies. An excellent view of the stage opens from any place, and the sound is evenly distributed throughout the hall thanks to the state-of-the-art technical equipment. You can evaluate everything with your own eyes, visiting the ballets “Cinderella,” “Spartacus,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Swan Lake.”

4. A piece of Italy in the center of St. Petersburg.

On the Koniushennaya square, you can find a delicious and fragrant piece of real Italy, the first but not the only restaurant in Russia that is owned by British chef Jamie Oliver. Jamie’s Italian is not in a new building, and it is not in a freshly constructed shopping center, but in a historic mansion with panoramic arched windows. It is not difficult to find a restaurant, even if you do not have a navigator.

The aromas of cheese, tomatoes, ham and freshly baked bread will act as guides for you. Getting inside, you are transferred from Russia to hospitable and warm Italy and, at the same time, to a restrained but refined England.

5. Night at the “Museum.”

If you are one of these tourists of St. Petersburg who not only like to visit museums but also would not refuse to live in such interiors at least for a while, this option is for you. The hotel “Kempinski Moika 22” will help realize this dream, it is located in a mansion of 1853, built by the famous architect Vasyl Von Witte. The building is a neighbor to the Palace Square, the Hermitage Museum, the Chapel Courtyards, the Summer Garden and Nevsky Prospekt. You will start hearing the voice of the history involuntarily as soon as you cross the threshold of the hotel.

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