8 Things You Need to Know Before You Explore Costa Rica

Going on a tour at Central America will not be complete without paying a visit to Costa Rica. Literally means “rich coast”, its coastlines include the Caribbean and the Pacific, hence well-known for its beaches. The climate is also perfect for those who are in constant need of sunshine, as its tropical all year round due to its geographical location. Aside from its enticing beaches and lovely weather, Costa Rica is also a home to a variety of plants and animals. And whilst the country has a very minimal landmass, it does serve as a dwelling place to at least 5% of the world’s biodiversity based on research.

It may actually sound like a piece of heaven here on earth, however, it is equally important to get yourself acquainted with these eight things that will surely make your Central America journey a more memorable one.

Save up to Spend

Just like any other holidays you’ve planned, visiting Costa Rica does cost a thing.

Adventure trips such as canopy zip-lines, hanging bridges, national park trails, water rafting and the like cost approximately 30 USD – 90 USD. Car rental ranges from 60 USD – 70 USD and gas is roughly 5 USD per gallon. While lodging charges between 170 USD – 500 USD which is already based on a standard to a luxury hotel.

Clearly, it shows that one thing you need to know before traveling to Costa Rica is to be ready to spend bucks. There’s no better way to do this, but to plan your budget accordingly.

Stay for 2 weeks, at least

Knowing what Costa Rica could offer to a curious soul, a month could easily be spent by someone who wants to explore the country. Although Costa Rica appears to be relatively small, 19,700 square miles to be exact, there is actually a lot of activities to do and so many places to visit. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the luxury of time to stay in this beautiful country that long. Hence, staying for the at least 2-weeks minimum is suggested. Aside from that, each place has a different experience to offer which means everywhere you go and anything you do will be definitely worth every penny and time, thus need not be rushed.

Consider visiting during the rainy season

Although in most part of the country it is tropical all year-round, some places in Costa Rica still has their own local set of weather conditions depending on its elevation and each region’s geography. Thus, splitting the year into two periods – the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season goes from May – November and during this time of the year, it does rain constantly in some regions. If your plans are flexible and not season-dependent, you might want to consider visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season.

Wonder why? Firstly, the temperature will be cooler, making it more comfortable to roam around. And since the country is rich with its natural parks and rainforest, the surroundings will look more alive. Also, big crowds can be avoided, which means better prices are being offered and you can haggle even more.

Be ready with your travel papers anytime

While Visiting Costa Rica, make sure to always carry around a copy of your passport and your entry stamp as police officers normally roam around and could legally approach people and ask about these travel confirmations. These random checks are being done to avoid illegal migration and drug trafficking, so it’s something you don’t need to worry about.

You can drink straight from the tap

Thinking of how you could somehow save while spending on a holiday at Costa Rica? Bring your refillable water bottles. One of the advantages of being a relatively small country is having enough budget to spend on infrastructure and Costa Rica is not an exception, thus providing a drinkable water across the country straight from the tap.

Explore the country’s mode of transportation

Be a wise traveler by making sure you had thoroughly compared your options, especially with your mode of transport. Choosing between renting a car from places away from the airport could help you save, compared to renting one from those at the airport. Unless you’re not driving to the main cities, try renting quad bikes or you could also travel around using the shuttle services. Be adventurous as you can be, it is the main goal of the trip after all.

Make sure to do beach hopping

Having the Caribbean and the Pacific as its coastlines, doing beach hopping should be the first escapade to try on the list of most travelers. Not only it saves time, but it also allows the traveler to have an overview of some of the great beaches in the country. It’s a great full-day adventure, to be honest.

Going on beach hopping doesn’t only mean renting a boat or a car, make it more memorable by renting a quad bike so you can easily drive through different roads and sand with ease.

Get ready to be approached by Ticos

Ticos are normally curious people and very respectful too. As Costa Rica’s tourism rises, the locals also get to see a different culture apart from theirs. Travelers may not be accustomed sometimes of how Ticos can be blunt and straightforward, thus learning the basic greeting “Buenos Dias” could help. Another reminder is to never make them feel like you’re superior, as it may provoke them. They’re easy going so just be polite and stay calm.

Seem like a long list for a short holiday trip? Don’t worry, for sure this will be another one of the most memorable holidays yet.

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